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Super Metroid - Open-ended Linearity

The original Metroid has a defining flaw that would later be rectified with its successor, Super Metroid. The open-ended environments are a composition of arbitrarily posted tile sets with little sense of direction. To put it frankly, the desolate planet Zebes is a maze. As a result, there's a certain sense of dread you often feel when playing Metroid, as it's very easy to lead yourself astray in the oxygen-less solitude and find yourself boxed in against an insurmountable tangle of similarly-looking tiles. Super Metroid avoids the confusion by providing sufficient scaffolding to lead players along without arousing their suspicion that the experience Super Metroid offers is a well managed, staged affair. In this way, it fools the player into discovering things for themselves, when in fact our exploration is preordained, and we love it all the more for it. Read More


Lost in Shadow Trailer Comes to Light

From the shadowy realm of E3 2010 surfaces a new trailer for Hudson's upcoming Wii exclusive, Lost in Shadow. Underneath the arhythmic music, which for some reason is nails-on-a-chalkboard irritating, lie several details about the new IP from the developers of Bomberman and a lot of Wii shovelware. Hit the jump to continue reading. Read More


DOOM 3 - XB - Review

Be afraid of things that go bump in the night. But if the thing bumping is you, then be even more afraid of the things that chase the things that go Read More