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Oh Wario. You overly angry, overweight, whacky guy. You once had a series of platformers, which were quite amazing. You also had a plethora of hilarious microgame titles brimming with personality. So what exactly happened to your sense of creativity these days? Game & Wario features the crazy antics of Mario's polar opposite in a collection of 12 minigames (16 counting the four... Read Review

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Wario Land 4 - Design Discourses

Games with good design are those where all components of the game are grounded to a core philosophy or set of philosophies. The world of Mario is tied to jumping, the world of Metroid is tied to exploration, and in the case of the Wario Land series, Wario Land is tied to Wario's wacky persona. Underpinning the philosophy of form meets function, Wario's outwardly fat, greedy and cartoonishly sinister appearance are a reflection of his abilities and the interactions made possible within the game world. Let's use Wario Land 4 as an example to briefly observe the way Wario's character reflected by his interaction and abilities.  Weight Wario's array of moves are all tied to utilizing his best asset, his visibly bulging weight and super strength. Just like the stylized visual appearance of the character, Wario's strength and weight are exaggerated through his interaction. No ordinary obese man could crush through rock, create minor earthquakes, flatten small minibeasts or turn into a menacing snowball by building momentum off diagonal slopes; however, Wario can. Read More


Top Ten Mondays: Video Game Engineers

Much is said about game designers. They are the celebrities of our industry, much akin to those who sit in the director's chair in Hollywood. But just like the film industry, little is ever mentioned concerning the folks behind the scenes. Without video game hardware, video game software cannot exist. Here's a look at ten of the most influential engineers in the history of video game hardware. #10: Steve Jobs The iPad and the iPhone may not exactly be a haven for quality video game experiences, but one cannot dispute the influence of Steve Jobs on the world of video game tecnology. While it was Nintendo that initially brought the touch-screen interface to the mainstream populace in 2004, it was Jobs who perfected the interface over many years of R&D. The iPad can recognize up to eleven fingers simultaneously and is arguably the most inviting casual gaming platform. The screens of the two devices offer one of the most natural input experiences of any platform, even if the finger is considerably less accurate than a stylus or mouse. Read More


WarioWare D.I.Y.

Videogames are usually thought of as complete experiences that are crafted from the dreams and desires of a creative mind and... Read More


New Mario Kart Toy Races to Shelves with Weapons in Tow

If you are reading this, then it is probably safe to say that you have at least a passing familiarity with Mario Kart. And perhaps you've even seen the toy versions, featuring electric cars with remotes that zoom along a track, just like so many licensed racetracks in the 80's and 90's. Now, Takara Tomy has produced something that's like that, but at the same time, rather different. Read More