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Game Party: In Motion Cheats


Trophy Xbox 360
Bag Toss Perfect Scores (60) Score 2 bags in the hole in Bag Toss in a single round.
Bocce Ball Shutout (70) Shutout an opponent in Bocce Ball.
Bulls Eye (50) Get a bulls eye in Darts.
Double Racquets Shutout (50) Shut out your opponent in Double Racquets.
Hoop Shoot 50 Score (50) Score 50 or more in Hoop Shoot.
Horseshoe Hysteria Ringer (50) Get a ringer in Horseshoe Hysteria.
Ping Cup 3 In A Row (60) Get 3 cups in a row in Ping Cup.
Pool Hall Party Running a Table (60) Run the table in Pool Hall Party (opponent doesn't get to shoot).
Puck Bowling Turkey (50) Get a turkey (3 strikes in a row) in Puck Bowling.
QB In Motion 150 Score (50) Score 150 or more points in QB In Motion.
Root Beer Tapper 300 Points (50) Score 300 or more in Root Beer Tapper.
Shoveboard Perfect Scoring (70) Score 2 pucks in the #4 score zone in Shoveboard.
Skill Ball 100 Score (50) Get a ball in the 100 score ring in Skill Ball.
Smack-a-Troll Perfect Hits (50) Get 3 perfect hits in a row in Smack-a-Troll.
Table Hockey Shutout (60) Shut out your opponent in Table Hockey.
Tic Tac Toe Face-Off 4 In a Row (50) Get 4 in a row in first 4 beats in Tic Tac Toe Face-Off.
Won Bag Toss (15) Win a game of Bag Toss.
Won Bocce Ball (15) Win a game of Bocce Ball.
Won Double Racquets (15) Win a game in Double Racquets.
Won Horseshoe Hysteria (15) Win a game in Horseshoe Hysteria.
Won Pool Hall Party (15) Win a game in Pool Hall Party.
Won Shoveboard (15) Win a game in Shoveboard.
Won Table Hockey (15) Win a game in Table Hockey.
Won Tic Tac Toe Face-Off (15) Win a game in Tic Tac Toe Face-Off.