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My Games This Weekend - 05.01.09

Hmm, my games this weekend? I'm not even sure how long I'm going to get to play. Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day, so I'm headed up to Cyber City to grab a handful, as well as pick up a few TransFormers: Revenge of the Fallen comics (not free) and Mario figures (also not free). There's a nice selection, including a free Sonic book, free TransFormers/G.I. Joe, free Avengers, free Green Lantern, and even a free reprint of the first issue of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from Mirage. Plus, the Bongo Simpsons/Futurama comics are always good for a laugh. A pity there's no such thing as "Free Video Game Day." Sunday, I'll be getting dinner and seeing X-Men Origins: Wolverine, against critics' better judgement. In between all that, I'll likely try to squeeze in some more Excitebots and Animal Crossing. Truthfully, though, Monday is where my gaming focus is, as that's when the New Play Control! version of the excellent Donkey Kong Jungle Beat comes out. I can't wait to give that one a go, and you can read all about it in Johnny's hands-on preview. Read More


Nintendo Denies Any Plans to Cut Wii's Price

This story sort of plays out like an episode of Futurama, starting off with Professor Farnsworth's classic phrase: "Good news, everyone! According to Credit Suisse analyst Koya Tabata, manufacturing costs for the Wii may have gone down by as much as 45 percent since the console's launch!" To which another replies "That's great! That means that the price of the Wii can finally come down." And the Farnsworth tells them "Oh, heavens no. If anything, we're increasing the price in the UK, thanks to the depreciation of the pound." You can kind of see where this is going. Read More


How GameStop Prepped Their Employees to Sell to Women

We've seen how Nintendo trains their customer service representatives, or at least, how they trained them in 1991. Now, we get to see how GameStop trained their employees for the recent Sharpen the Mind, Shape the Body promotion, which involved coercing female customers into picking up subscriptions to Cosmo or Good Housekeeping alongside that copy of Wii Fit, Brain Age, or My Fitness Coach. Prepare for nine minutes of Hell. ...personally, I love how Marge Simpson and Mom from Futurama are part of their expanded audience. I wonder how well this promotion did... Read More


Marcus Fenix Speaks!

John DiMaggio, best known for his voice work in the Gears of Wars franchise and Bender from Futurama, recently sat down for an interview with WJFK 106.7-FM in Washington DC. He discusses everything from residuals for voice actors, to his early acting days, playing Steve Balmer in "Pirates of Silicon Valley." He even takes a little time to talk about the state of the NFL. Check out part one of this 20 minute interview below: You will not find a cooler, more down to earth guy in the industry. You can hear part two of this interview after the jump. Read More