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Fuse is a multiplayer Action game in which players band together to fight a shadow organization using unique skills, co-op tactics and a range of character-specific skills and experimental weapons. Through effective teamwork, and mastery of the alien energy powering the Fuse-based progression system, players take down enemies, upgrade weapons, and unlock abilities. Whoever controls the power of Fuse, will have unlimited power at their disposal. Key features include: 2-player co-op locally, and 4-player co-op online, class-based operations and unique characters.

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Remember when Fuse was first unveiled as Overstrike, a game rife with action and humor? Well, as the story goes, Insomniac Games' co-op shooter was transformed into a more "realistic" sci-fi shooter. But lost in the makeover process was everything that made Fuse, or Overstrike, appealing. In an attempt to be taken more seriously it seems Fuse has lost its identity. It's merely a faceless shooter among a saturated market. The story of Fuse is about as stale as a sci-fi plot gets: A secret government agency, working with alien technology (Fuse), gets attacked by a terrorist organization known as Raven. Looking to satisfy their own motivations, Raven attempts to unleash this technology upon the world. It's a typical terrorist-driven... Read Review

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