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The legend starts here. Furry Legends is a dynamic platform adventure with the most fur ever seen in games. Solve fun, physics-based puzzles in a fantastic 3D world called Furland. It’s a humorous and weird place populated by funny creatures you’ve never seen before, including five-eyed crabs, round cows, crazy rabbits and the lovely Furballs. Players control fluffy characters, each with a different set of special skills, such as the ability to manipulate time. Save the Furballs from their doom and keep Furland safe from Lord Squarie. Are you ready for a crazy adventure? Can you save Furland and its lovely Furballs? Try the furriest game of the century!

Furry Legends Review

“I AM NOT A MUSHROOM!” This is the recurring catchphrase you see throughout the five stages in Furry Legends, and it is a constant nod at the game’s quirky design and humorous nature. Whether the character spouting the aforementioned line is a mushroom or not is irrelevant to the fact that Furry Legends is indeed one great game.Furry Legends is a tale about the peace-loving inhabitants of Furland, the Furballs. One day, a race known as the Squaries invade Furland and imprison its inhabitants. This is where the game begins, and it is up to you to help the Furballs take down the Squaries. Admittedly, this is no legendary epic. It is, however, a funny little story that is progressed as you read signs and interact with characters, and it manages to make you care about the characters, even... Read Review

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