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Play the role of the funkiest of lab rats and escape from the laboratory where you are held captive using your powers. You must be clever and avoid the traps in each of the laboratory's rooms. Combine agility and thinking to finish more than 80 levels. Stop time and modify the levels as you please. Freedom awaits you at the end of the way.

Funky Lab Rat Review

We’re not sure what would make a laboratory animal so “funky” in the first place, but no matter. Hydravision’s latest downloadable release, Funky Lab Rat, is a different kind of game than you’d normally find on the PlayStation Network, a unique mix of platforming and puzzle solving. However, its steep difficulty scale make it an acquired taste, rather than something you’d usually buy for the kids.In the game, you’re Diego, a lab rat who’s trapped in a cage along with several of his friends. Unsure what’s going to happen to him in the laboratory, he decides to escape, though his plan hits a snag. In fact, make that several snags. He runs across a series of rooms that he needs to manipulate in order to proceed, using temporal powers he’s developed through testing. He can stop time and, if... Read Review

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    Funky Lab Rat Review

    Robert Workman Dec 23, 2010