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Frontlines: Fuel of War DLC Now Available

Frontlines: Fuel of War DLC Now Available

I'm not really too sure if anyone is going to get excited over this but a map pack has just been released for Frontlines: Fuel of War on the Xbox 360. The pack adds 4 new multiplayer maps that go by the names of Wide Awake, Hindsight, Infiltration and Sunder. Those are some pretty extreme sounding map names. If you're a fan of Frontlines and you're booting up your 360 to grab these, you better make sure you have some points in your account. The Frontlines: 4 Map Pack will be running you a cost of 800 Microsoft points. Yes, really. 800 Microsoft points. Kaos Studios presents four all-new multiplayer maps for the hit first-person shooter Frontlines: Fuel of War. From the intense armor engagements of Wide Awake to the massive air battles of Hindsight, this map pack features some of the largest, most wide-open multiplayer levels your XBox 360 has ever seen. Looking for more close-quarters combat? Then take on the concentrated firefights of Infiltration and the vertical infantry combat of Sunder in two of the most high-intensity maps ever seen in Frontlines: Fuel of War. There are no refunds for this item. -- Source Name 800 Microsoft points seems pretty steep for a Frontlines map pack, but from what I've been told the maps are pretty huge and could actually be worth the cost. If you've been playing enough Frontlines that you need more maps, then by all means grab this DLC. Personally, I'm going to pass and save my points for something that doesn't require me to play Frontlines. Read More

kombo Sep 19, 2008 | Comments
Frontlines:Fuel of War Free Map Goes up on 360

Frontlines:Fuel of War Free Map Goes up on 360

In an effort to bring people back to a dwindling multiplayer population, Kaos Studios is putting up a brand new map gratis for their title, Frontlines: Fuel of War on 360 and PS3. Although, Sony fans will have to wait and see if the map makes it onto PSN this Friday or not. Not only is it just a new battlefield (works on so many levels) to wage war on, the map comes with a brand new automatic shotgun, a rocket jeep, and the Red Star Transport Helicopter. That's not all, though. Kaos Studios has also revealed plans to release four more maps in a pack with even more additional weapons and vehicles. However, rumors are the four map-map pack will involve a monetary transaction of some sort. More details to come. Frontlines was critically received with lukewarmness across the board, often citing its thinly veiled inspiration from similar multiplayer-war FPS, Battlefield. If your copy has been collecting dust, now might be a good time to take your dedicated Call of Duty 4 machine and give Frontlines some attention. Read More

kombo Jun 24, 2008 | Comments