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Katamari Creator Feels Unsuited for Game Development, Feels Many of Today's Games Aren't Fun

One would think that Keita Takahashi, the man behind such wonderfully unique and bizarre video games as Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy, would be a natural at performing such a task as designing a theme park. But since announcing his desire to create such an establishment four years ago, it seems that his otherwise creative mind has made little progress towards achieving his goal. If this is the type of problem he faces, however, then why would he seek to leave gaming in order to pursue it? Read More


Media: Punch-Out!!: What They're Saying, and Iwata Asks

Punch-Out!! is a game full of secrets and wonder. Granted, most of it comes in the form of "I wonder what I need to do so my head doesn't wind up between the ropes again." Even so, there is more to it than that. For instance, the dialect used by many of the opposing boxers has left people wondering just what it is they're saying. And thankfully, via GoNintendo, "NSiderNDUDE" has taken the time to figure it out: There is still more to come, so consider this a taste of the whole thing. As for more secrets, trivia, and behind-the-scenes goodness, the new Iwata Asks is now available. Why now? Because Punch-Out!! has only recently reached Japan, of course, and then they still needed time to translate it. After the cut are some notes and excerpts from the transcript, including some stuff relating to Mario, his role as referee, and even a bit of Zelda trivia. Read More