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Rusty Hearts Preview

I play a lot of MMORPGs. I wouldn’t say that I’m picky when it comes to them; I’ll try anything. It takes a really good game to keep me around Read More

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Technological innovation is a standard occurrence in video gaming. Every few months, new bars are set for expansive worlds, smarter AI, and better gr Read More


Sony Partners with DC to Flesh Out Comic Selection

Today it was announced that a large selection of DC comics are now available on the PlayStation Network store for the PlayStation Portable. The comics being added to the PSN store include over 80 titles priced from free to $2.99. Jim Lee of DC Comics describes the inspiration behind this move. "Outside of my work as a comic book creator and Co-Publisher, I'm an avid gamer," Said Lee. "Making our comics available through Sony's PlayStation Network digital comics offers a perfect opportunity for us to reach a new, different kind of reader." Jump the break for details on the added comics and possible flaws with Sony's digital comic concept. Read More