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Famitsu Ranks Grand Theft Auto IV; Scores Higher Than LittleBigPlanet

Grand Theft Auto may not be huge in Japan, but it still scores pretty well there. The newest issue of Famitsu is out, and they've rated-- among other things-- Grand Theft Auto IV:Cid & Chocobo - 8,8,8,8 Vitamin Y - 6,6,6,7 Precure 5 - 7,6,6,5 Aralechan - 4,5,4,4 Valkyrie Profile - 8,8,8,8 Avalon Code - 7,8,7,8 Boku to Simu no Machi - 7,8,7,7 Bokujou Monogatari - 7,8,7,7 Little Big Planet - 10,10,9,9 Fracture - 7,8,7,6 GTAIV - 10,10,9,10 Thunderforce 6 - 7,7,6,6 -- Famitsu via videogaming247Did you catch that? Grand Theft Auto IV actually got a higher score than LittleBigPlanet. That's rather surprising, at least to me. Read More



Kombo's Review Policy: Our reviews are written for you. Our goal is to write honest, to-the-point reviews that don't waste your... Read More


Media: Fracture Screens

Here are some Fracture screens in anticipation of its release next week, on the 7th. Be looking for our review sometime today as well. Hit the jump for the rest: Read More


Fracture - PS3 - Review

Whereas futuristic shooters set in real-world locations are a dime a dozen these days, its quite heartening to see one that truly shakes the foundati Read More


Fracture Demo Coming Sept. 18

Get excited, geologists. LucasArts has announced it will release a demo for its terrain-deforming shooter Fracture next Thursday, Sept. 18. Global war and terrain deformation? Sign me up. Hoping to shatter our notions of shooters and the rigid environments they take place in, LucasArts' Fracture is set to debut in demo form via the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network on Thursday, September 18th. If you recall (and let's face it, you probably don't), Fracture's biggest back-of-the-box bullet point is "Terrain Deformation," which allows players to reshape the landscape in the midst of frantic combat. The interactive teaser is an opportunity to "create cover, solve puzzles and revolutionize battlefield tactics," says LucasArts, shortly before reminding us that Fracture will dash onto the retail stage and break its metaphorical leg on October 7th in North America, and October 10th in Europe. Let's hope big "L" steps up the marketing campaign just a tad before then. -- Joystiq Fracture tells a tale of a world is serious peril. Global warming debate and reversal research have ideologically split the world in half. Easterners demand innovation in cybernetics, while Westerners embrace the adaptation of the human genome to survive. War ensues, and here's the gimmick; both sides utilize technology that raises and lowers their defenses out of the Earth. It's a lot like a hypothetical World War III. Any FPS premise that doesn't rehash World War II is cool in my book. Read More