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Forza Horizon 2 will feature over 200 cars, a dynamic weather system and day and night cycle, as well as 1000 player car clubs.

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Prior to 2012, my then all-time favorite open world racing game was still Need For Speed Underground 2. That gem of 2004 had pretty much everything I ever wanted in an open world racing game; an interesting location, lots of cars and tons of upgrade options. While there were many to follow, none lived up to my enjoyment of Underground 2. A large part of that was the location itself. The first Forza Horizon changed all that. Cruising through Colorado was exciting, there were always a ton of things to do and plenty of cars to collect, customize and tune. Forza Horizon 2 managed to surpass my expectations, and expanded upon a winning formula to make it even more beautiful, open, and inviting. Shifting from the mountainous regions of Colorado to the European coast of Tuscany,... Read Review

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