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Forza Horizon is where cars belong Speed, style and freedom on the open road Forza Horizon is an action-racing game with authentic Forza feel, set on the open roads of Colorado with a lively music festival backdrop.

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The Forza series prides itself for being the premier racing simulation game, showcasing not only immense amount of detail in both car and environment design, but the ability to make the game accessible to those who might just want to jump behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, but don't quite have the driving skills. So where does Forza Horizon stand? It seems like Turn 10 wanted to expand its fan base by making the game more street, and partnered up with Playground Games and tasked them with developing an open world experience. That's right, instead of burning rubber on official racetracks, you'll be cruising the open roads of Colorado and competing in a huge racing tournament, in hopes of taking down the number one racer. If this sounds somewhat familiar, it's... Read Review

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    Mike Splechta Oct 19, 2012