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  • Available on PC
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  • Release Date(s): Apr 14, 2010
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Introducing The Forgotten Realms Archives Silver Edition - the most extensive Advanced Dungeons & Dragons PC Game collection. Including a fully interactive demo of the 1998 RPG of the Year: Baldur's Gate, more than a dozen of the greatest fantasy role-playing adventures ever created have been collected into a single amazing boxed set.

Forgotten Realms Archives II: Silver Edition Cheats

Hint: Extra gold

Unlock PC
Before entering Othias's castle in the City of Rain, you will encounter little creatures with at least one or two bags of gold. You can go back and fourth every so often to load up on gold after destroying them.
Go to Verdante passing David's house. Take the path leading to the right. Take the northern path next, then you will reach a ring of rocks that will replenish one of your character's life.

Hint: Teddy bear

Unlock PC
A lady will give you a teddy bear from the City of Rain, pleading for you to find her long lost son. You will find her son in a jail cell in the prison of Chains.
A man at the tavern in Rain will give you the "Cursed Dubloon" that the Boatmaster wants in payment for you to reach Thaddeus.

Hint: Haven Cave

Unlock PC
You will need a torch to enter the cave in Haven to see what is "growling" inside.

Hint: Web Of Death

Unlock PC
Go to the menu with all the equipment and put on the Web Of Death. Then, hold A. You have to wait about five minutes for it to recharge after every use.

Extra Items

Unlock WiiPC
Allow the opening sequence to finish. Enter the options screen and choose "Preferences": Hold A and press B, B, B, B, B, B. Start a new game to get extra food, potions, and weapons.

Extra Place

Unlock WiiPC
Go to the library entrance: Hold A + B for five seconds. A door should appear on the left side of the screen.