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Flight is a game in which players throw paper planes as far as they can while collecting points to upgrade and decorate their aviation machine. The simple yet addicting gameplay has been polished with new visuals, power-ups and upgrades along with refined touch controls for the iPod/iPad. 

Flight! Review

Flight! Is an iOS game about throwing a paper airplane the furthest in your quest to beat your high scores and other scores around the world. While this may not sound like fun at all (and it isn’t before you start unlocking upgrades) sticking with the game through the semi slow beginning is advised. As I mentioned above, the beginning of the game had me rolling my eyes in boredom. Luckily your paper airplane can be equipped with such power-ups as steering, boost, and sturdier paper in order to fly the furthest and to collect the most money and stars. The game gets really addicting when you’re close to the next upgrade you’ve been trying to get, and will keep players busy when they want to game on their iPhones. After you’ve acquired a few of the many... Read Review

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    Flight! (iPhone) Review

    Alex Rhoades Aug 6, 2012