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Cheats for FlatOut Ultimate Carnage

Unlock Vehicles

  • All platforms
  • unlock
Bonecracker (Derby) Get Gold in the Bonecracker Demolition Derby.
Bullet, Lentus and Ventura (Race) Complete the Race Class Stage 2.
Canyon (Street) Get Gold in the Canyon Beat the Bomb Race.
Crusader (Street) Get Gold in the Crusader Deathmatch Derby.
Flatmobile (Special) Get Gold in the Flatmobile Beat the Bomb Race.
Grinder (Derby) Get Gold in the Grinder Demolition Derby
Insetta (Race) Get Gold in the Insetta Carnage Race.
Lancea, Daytana and Fortune (Race) Complete the Race Class Stage 1.
Mob Car (Special) Get Gold in the Mob Car Carnage Race.
Road King (Street) Get Gold in the Road King Beat the Bomb Race.
Shaker, Blaster XL and Banger (Derby) Complete the Derby Class Stage 1.
Sparrowhawk, CTR Sport and Vexter XS (Street) Complete the Street Class Stage 1.
Speedshifter, Terrator, Speeddevil, Bullet GT and Sunray (Street) Complete the Street Class Stage 2.
Splitter, Switchblade and Venom (Derby) Complete the Derby Class Stage 2.
Truck (Special) Get Gold in the Truck Deathmatch Derby


  • All platforms
  • code

In the extras menu...

Unlocks Flatmobile WOTKINS
Unlocks Mob Car BIGTRUCK
Unlocks Pimpster Car RUTTO
Unlocks Rocket Car KALJAKOPPA
Unlocks School Bus GIEVCARPLZ
Unlocks The Truck ELPUEBLO