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  • Available on Wii
  • For fans of Sports
  • Publisher(s): XSEED
  • Release Date(s): Nov 22, 2011
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Game Summary

You arrive in paradise, a beautiful resort on a tropical island where there’s an abundance of sun, sand, and of course, fish! Being on vacation, you’re free to spend the time however you see fit – get up early in the morning to go deep sea fishing, participate in the many varied activities that the resort has, or just spend a lazy day touring the aquarium. As the days pass and you become more familiar with the area and hone your fishing skills, you also get a sense of the best fishing spots that the island has to offer. Do you rent a bicycle and ride to a remote location to fish for trout by a waterfall? Or perhaps test your skill and luck by kayaking deep into the jungle to see what kinds of fish await? You can even scale the top of a local mountain to enter a different climate and go ice fishing – this is your vacation, the choice is completely up to you!

Fishing Resort Review

The last game I played by Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka was Ivy the Kiwi? for the Nintendo DS. That game was a fine on-rails 2D platformer that featured slick touchscreen controls, a wonderful soundtrack, storybook visuals, and all the appeal an indie game fan like myself could want in a game. Yuji Naka is back, but this time he's at the forefront of Fishing Resort, the latest family-friendly Wii exclusive. I'll admit that I was terrified at the idea of playing a fishing game. I've never been a fan of fishing as an activity, and I've never actually gone fishing myself. When I started playing Fishing Resort, however, I was surprised at how much attention was put on the act of fishing. You start out by selecting a character and editing him or her.... Read Review

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    Fishing Resort review

    David Sanchez Mar 7, 2012