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Fireburst sends players into a fiery, four-wheeled adrenalin frenzy. Behind the wheel of numerous different racers, drivers get to speed along paved race courses or wicked off-road tracks, showing no respect for their rivals. Thanks to a novel boost system, opponents are kept at a distance in spectacular ways in various single and multiplayer modes. The element of fire prominently features in all special maneuvers. It is possible, for example, to coat your own vehicle in protective flames, or make a rival's car explode with a burst of fire. Fireburst also offers brilliant graphics: In order to bring glorious effects and breathtaking landscapes to the screen, exDream's developers base their graphics on Unreal Engine 3. Many dynamic objects and impressive light effects on vehicles and tracks make for fantastic top-level, high-speed racing action.

Fireburst Review

I haven't played a great racing game in some time. I know they're out there, but I just haven't been exposed to them lately. So you can probably imagine how much I was looking forward to checking out Fireburst. The game looked pretty impressive, and I was really hoping the gameplay would be as awesome as the graphics. Sadly, that wasn't the case, and what I was left with was a racer that's functional but incredibly underwhelming. Fireburst features fast-paced arcade racing gameplay that's actually pretty slick. I never had a problem with the controls, and for what it's worth, the course design is good. Tracks are large and feature multiple paths, giving players a bit of variety as they speed across the different areas. Then there's the boost... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Fireburst.