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Fire Emblem Burns Again on DS

Nintendo's Fire Emblem franchise may be relatively new for North American gamers, but RPG fanatics in Japan have had access to the series since the 1980s and the Famicom console. The original title was finally brought to North American gamers last year with Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon for the Nintendo DS, but the game's sequel is also set to be remade, as Fire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo Hikari to Kage no Eiyuu (which translates to Mystery of the Emblem: Hero of Light and Shadow) will be remade onto the handheld as well. Developed, yet again, by series creator Intelligent Systems, Mystery of the Emblem is a remake of the 1994 Super Famicom title, which in itself was a remake of Shadow Dragon, together with an entirely new game on top of it. Presumably, since Shadow Dragon has been recently remade, Mystery will only include the sequel. More after the cut. Read More


Media: New Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Screens for Next Week's Release-- Wait, Already?

Great Caesar's ghost! Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon is coming out next week? Where does the time go? I do like Fire Emblem, yet at the same time, I've yet to finish one... I still have Sacred Stones to finish, and I need to get my own copy of Radiant Dawn... and I haven't even been able to get a copy of Path of Radiance yet. In fact, I think most of my Fire Emblem experience comes from using Ike, Roy, and Marth in Super Smash Bros. games, not to take anything away from their native series. And in case anyone has forgotten, next week's Shadow Dragon release is a remake of the original Famicom title in which Marth first appeared. So if you've ever shied away from the Fire Emblem titles because your favorite Smasher was absent, now's the time to check it out. Or rather, next week will be. In the meantime, we've added more images to our gallery for your viewing pleasure. Read More


Nintendo's Full Q1 Line-up for North America

A few days ago, we brought you Nintendo's full first-quarter lineup for the UK (or possibly more of Europe; it came from Nintendo UK, and they didn't really elaborate much). Today, we have the full first-quarter lineup for North America, which has some minor differences here and there. One note: Is "New Play Control!" seriously what they're looking at calling the "Play on Wii" lineup? Read More


Nintendo Prepares for 2008 Holiday Season with More Wiis, WiiWare Titles

Among the other news revealed today by Nintendo, the company has issued a press release which details their holiday plans in terms of games which will be made available, and a peek at what to expect in 2009. Of particular interest are WiiWare titles such as Tetris Party, Strong Bad Episode 3, World of Goo, Boingz, and cult PC classic Cave Story. In addition, a new Pokemon Ranger title will arrive on DS on November 10th. To help get people gaming, Nintendo hopes to have an increased supply of Wii consoles on store shelves between October and December: "We have new games and new experiences for every kind of player this holiday season, and that will certainly fuel increased interest in Wii and Nintendo DS," said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. "While there's no way to gauge total demand for our hardware systems, we're trying to satisfy as many of those players as possible." Check out the full press release after the cut. Read More


A List of Playable Games at Nintendo's Fall Media Summit

We're at Nintendo's Fall Media Summit 2008 event, and we have a list of the games that are playable. Check it out: Call of Duty: World at War (Wii) Mad World (Wii) Dead Rising: Chop till Drop (Wii) The Conduit (Wii) Wii Music (Wii) Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii) Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party (Wii) Personal Trainer: Cooking (DS) Rythem Heaven (DS) Age of Empires Myhologies (DS) Tecmo Bowl (DS) Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS) Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (DS) Pokemon Ranger (DS) Henry Hatsworth: In the Puzzling Adventure (DS) We can't write impressions on these games until next week, but Nintendo did say that we could post this list. Read More


Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Coming to US in First Half of '09

Coming in the first half of 2009 to the North American Nintendo DS will be Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, the remake of the original Famicom Fire Emblem title of which we've been hearing so much (and yet, so little) for the past several months. Of course, the US never received Marth's (of Smash Bros. fame) inaugural battle, so it should still be fairly fresh for most US players. Naturally, the DS version sees a graphical and musical facelift, including new portraits as well as new battle animations. In addition, there will be four all-new prologue chapters, along with six modes of difficulty. And taking further advantage of the Nintendo DS' capabilities will be wireless options, and plenty of them: Not only can you battle with friends wirelessly (is that even a selling point anymore? The wireless part, I mean?), but you can also initiate a voice chat with them. Finally, there's an online shop loaded with features, and an interesting new feature allows one to "loan" another player one's own battle units; however, in doing so, the original player still retains use of them. Everybody wins. Read More


Opoona - WII - Review

While the Wii has thus far excelled in certain areas (party games, first-party Nintendo games), there are definitely certain genres that haven case i Read More