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In Final Fight Streetwise, players assume the role of Kyle Travers. As a streetwise underground pit fighter and brother of the infamous Cody from the classic Final Fight series, Kyle must try to solve his brother

Final Fight: Streetwise Cheats

God Mode

Unlock Playstation 2
up,down,up,down on the title screen for god mode

New Options

Unlock Playstation 2
On the Title screen, hold the L Button and press Start to bring up the options list.

Cheat Mode

Unlock Playstation 2
Wait until the man asks Mike Hagar to turn on the television during the introduction sequence. Then, press [Help] five times to enable cheat mode and invincibility to punches and kicks. Press one of the following keys to activate the corresponding cheat function. No Mad Gear members [Plus] Level select 0 through 9

Unlimited Lives

Unlock Playstation 2
Pause game play and type sherrif fatman.

Hidden Stuff

Unlock Playstation 2
Gaining extra points - To gain jewels and other high points items from breakable stuff like barrels, dustbins. Execute the jump + down attack move. (Cody - headbutt, Guy - Elbow). When doing the move, rapidly jag controller left to right. Usually, jewels will appear instead of other cheap things. Crewing Gum - When fighting Eddie B. (Cop), you will notice that he spit out a wad of gum. That thing will give you about half a life if you pick it up. Last Boss - Cody is able to punch away the bolts that the last boss fires. No other character can do it. Off the wall attack - Besides doing the normal off the wall flying kick, you can change it into a flying elbow drop by doing down + attack. Hidden Gems - On the way to the last boss, there is a stage when there are some pillars. Located at the bottom of each pillar are gems. Make sure you get them.

Super Combo

Unlock Playstation 2
This super combo can be easily executed with Cody or Guy, but it's a bit tougher with Haggar. To begin, initiate a punching combo (press attack, attack, attack for Cody or Guy) or (attack, attack for Haggar.) While you're pressing these buttons, hold the d-pad AWAY from your enemy. Before you do your final ending combo blow, you will throw the enemy, delivering massive damage! NOTE: You can also start this combo with a jumping knee (jump and hold down, press attack) to deal even more damage! (This will not work for Haggar.)