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Dragon Age II Review

Let's be up front: Dragon Age: Origins was not a good game. It was incredibly derivative and so tediously boring that I nodded off in the middle of i Read More


Dissidia Sequel Has Stupid Name, New Characters, Semi-Indecipherable Game Mechanics

  Dissidia Final Fantasy is a strange enough name. But the upcoming sequel, set to be shown at TGS, has that beat with a title of stupendous ridiculousness. A rapturous round of applause, then, for Dissidia [duocecim] Final Fantasy 012. Or possibly Dissidia [duodecim] 012 Final Fantasy. The second game in the series. Featuring characters from Final Fantasy XIII. Being released in 2011. So exactly where the 012 has come from is anyone's guess. "Duodecim", as everyone who paid attention in Latin class will know, means "12", or rather "XII". But that still doesn't explain what this mystery number is all about. And how do you abbreviate that? D[d]012FF? Let's settle on just 012 for simplicity's sake. Get strapped in for a confusing ride after the jump. Read More


Tactics Ogre Remake Announced

The latest issue of Famitsu revealed this week that Square Enix is remaking the original Tactics Ogre for the PSP. With the top members of the original development team at the helm, it will have fundamental changes and enhancements but still try to remain faithful to the original version. The current Japanese name for the new title roughly translates to Tactics Ogre: the Wheel of Fate (or Fortune). It is a "rebuild" of the strategy RPG that was known in North America on the original PlayStation as Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. The changes to the game go as far as alterations on the balance as well as the visual style. Read More


Rumor: Final Fantasy XIII May Come to Japan After All

Coming to Japan? Many considered it quite a coup for Microsoft when, in 2008, the company capped its E3 press conference by announcing that it had stolen away Final Fantasy XII's platform-exclusivity and that the game would appear on both the Xbox 360 and PS3. Unfortunately, Japanese fans didn't get to celebrate with their American counterparts, as Sony and Square quickly announced that the title would remain a PS3 exclusive in Japan. That may well be changing though, as an Achievement list popping up on Xbox Live suggests that the game may finally make its Japanese debut. What does this potentially mean for the 360? Find out after the break. Read More


Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Scores 40/40 in Famitsu

It took over five years, but finally, Sony's PSP has its first 40/40 from vaunted Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, the latest in Hideo Kojima's magnum opus, is awarded the honor in the latest issue. While there's little doubt that the title isn't going to be worth checking out, and with all respect to Kojima-san, there is an unfortunate reality here, which is that the once-rare score from the magazine is nowhere near as prestigious as it once was. Read More


Final Fantasy XIII Breaks Franchise Sales Record

Square Enix confirmed last week that Final Fantasy XIII has sold faster in western territories than any other game in the series. XIII had however possibly the most unique western launch of any game in the franchise. In the first five days after its March 9 launch FFXIII sold 1 million units combined in North America and Europe across both platforms. No concrete information could be found on exactly which game held the record before XIII. This comes after Square Enix shipped five million units of the game worldwide, bringing life to date shipments for the franchise to 96 million. To many this might signify that Japanese RPGs are still relevant on home consoles that today seem to have been taken over by western games. FFXIII's sales come in spite of mixed reviews, some criticizing the game's radical changes from the usual RPG formula. FFXIII may have started faster out of the gate, but it also had some advantages in the west that no other Final Fantasy game did. Read More