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Long recognized as role-playing games par excellence, the Final Fantasy series gets a technological makeover in this installment (and series debut on the PlayStation). Shedding the two-dimensional graphics and limited sound capabilities of its predecessors, Final Fantasy VII features lush 3-D graphics, beautifully animated "movie" sequences, and soundtrack-quality music. Coupled with the game's intricate storyline, endearing characters, and immense yet highly imaginative world, these new advancements make for a quite an engrossing experience.

Final Fantasy VII Cheats

Gold Chocobo Without Breeding:

After defeating Ruby Weapon, take the 'Desert Rose' to the old man in Kalm.

Item Duplication:

You have to have the W-Item Materia for this to work. Equip it, and select the first item and use it. Then select your second item, do not use it, just place the cursor on someone. Then Press the cancel button, select the item again and press cancel. Keep repeating this and the first item you used will keep increasing by one.

Easy Chocobo Races:

During chocobo racing mini-game, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to increase your chocobo's speed. Hold R1 + R2 to recover your chocobo's stamina.

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In the Ice Cave, the room with the Floater in it has a single square between you and the Floater. It contains a encounter point with an Eye. It only has 162 HP. You will get 3,225 experience points and 3225 Gil after defeating it. If you go back to the same square you can fight it repeatedly.
In the first castle entered in the game, Castle Coneria, above Queen Jane's room is what appears to be a room with no one inside. Search around the room a bit, however, and you will realize that you can talk to someone although they are not there. After you rescue the princess, the message will change.
After defeating Litch, fighting Astos, and getting the T.N.T to the dwarf in the cave, instead of going straight to the town to fight the vampire, sail east. Keep sailing until you get to the town on the far east, with the little port slightly away from the town. The port is on a peninsula and is hard to miss. Go to the town and talk to the elves in the circle to receive the Canoe. From there, level up somewhere until you are at level 13 or higher. Return to your ship and sail north until you see a river. Press the ship against the river to get into the canoe. Follow the river. When you follow the right path, you will end up at the Ice Cave. Go through quickly and get the Floater. If you have a Black Mage with Warp, use it. Otherwise, get out after getting the Floater without dying. Take the Floater all the way to the south of that continent. Find the desert with a river near by. Use the river to get out of your ship and to the desert. Use the Floater and summon the Airship. Now that you have it, you can go north to the Dragon Isles. Just to the east of there is a castle. Land and go inside. Talk to the man there and follow the maze. Make sure you get everything found here, as there are some very useful items. Take the Rats Tail out after you get it. Take it to Bahamut and he will give you the Class Change.
The location of the Adamant needed for Excalibur is in the tower in the sky -- you need the chime and the cube. Go in the tower and continue to the place with eight ways to travel. Go in the bottom left diagonal and fight the enemy that guards it. Open the treasure chest to get the Adamant.
In Astos' Castle, the northwest castle, is a room with three treasure chests with Undeads guarding them. The two upper ones are Mummies. Use two Harm spells to wipe them out to get 150 to 300 experience, and 600 to 1200 experience for using just two spells. This is most useful immediately after getting the key from the elf prince.
After you make your way through and kill Kary, fly with the airship to the waterfalls. Get the cube, then rescue the fairy for 50,000 gil. Then, talk to her at the town and receive Oxale. Go underwater to the submarine. Go up the stairs on the far left upper right corner and make your way through the stairs. You will finally get to a room filled with smaller rooms and mermaids. Get all the boxes, then go to the top of the screen. Make your way to the left. There is a small passageway that leads across the room to the one room you could not get to earlier. Enter it and check the chest. You will find the Slab. Take it to the doctor in the town that was ravaged by the vampire. He will tell you a language. Go to the town he indicates, and talk to the people there until you get the Chime. Take the chime to the tower in the desert. You can now get in without having to kill Karken. Go through and get everything in all the boxes, including the Adamantite on the higher levels. Take it to the dwarven smith. He will create Excalibur, the second strongest weapon in the game. Note: Only a fighter can use it.
Go to Bahamut's cave. Once you first enter, go to the bottom left part. The Zeus Glove will appear in the items screen if you are lucky -- There is a 1/300 chance of finding it.
reference: Find the three tombs located next to the white magic shop in Elfland. The tombstone farthest to the left reads:
Northeast of the port town of Provaka is a two space wide peninsula with enemies from the Northern Continent. They offer a lot experience and are difficult to defeat unless you are around levels 12 or 13.
After you get the Healing Staff, get in a battle with any weaker monsters. Kill all but one of them, then have someone use the staff and the others in your party use equipment that do not do anything. Continue until fully healed. This works well when going into the Ice Cave after the long river ride.
Enter the ship, hold A and press B(55). Arrange the tiles in order from 1 to 15 to collect 100 Gold.

Display map

Press Select + B.
Go to the safe upstairs and enter the code RIGHT 36, LEFT 10, RIGHT 59,RIGHT 97(DO NOT PASS THE #)TO ENTER EACH # PRESS ENTER! Odin and the basement key will be in the safe. Be careful there is also a powerful boss. After you beat the boss go to the basement and go inside the door that is in the second hallway. Vincent will be in the coffin. Keep talking to him until he says,"Let me sleep." Then try to walk out of the basement, he will offer to join you. *Note: This code also gets you Odin.
To cast a spell once and have it afflict the enemy a dozen times, you must possess at least three spells: Quadra Magic, Reflect and a spell that inflicts multiple hits, such as Commet2 or Ultima. To send the "plague", combine Quadra Magic with a multiple hit spell. And when a battle ensues, cast Reflect -- first on the warring party and then on you. Conclude with the Quadra combination!
Hold [Page Down] + [Target] while racing a Chocobo.
When attacked, a defenseless character takes more damage than one who is defending -- and this is especially the case when surprised from behind. The easiest way to parry such attacks is to simultaneously push [Page Up] and [Page Down] keys.
To get Great Gospel, you first need to go through the first Gold Saucer area of the game. When you get the buggy, head north to Costa del Sol. Without leaving the Buggy, drive into Costa del Sol. Go to the ship harbor and talk to the man blocking the dock to the ship you took to get here from Junon. He will ask you if you want to stow away. Say yes and pay him his extremely small fee. You will be brought directly to Junon. Exit the first screen and head down the street until you see the helicopter landing pad with a sailor standing next to it. Talk to him and he will offer you the Helitaxi. Don't worry, it is free. Take the taxi outside of Junon, and you will appear in the buggy. Drive north to the Old Man's cave. You will need to cross a shallow river to get there, hence why you have the buggy. Talk to the man when you have 600-700 victories in battle and the last two digits match (i.e. 611, 622, 633, 644, etc.). He will give you a piece of Mythrill. Hop back in the buggy and drive into Junon.. pay the soldier gaurding the elevator to Upper Junon 10 gil to use the elevator. Head to the boat launching area. Go in the boat and stow away. You will appear in Costa del Sol. Now go to the Weapon Maker's shop outside of Gongaga. Give him the mythrill and he will give you a choice of either chests upstairs. Go up the stairs and take the one built into the wall at the end of the balcony. Voila! You have Aeris' ultimate limit break. Great Gospel makes you invulnerable, restores all HP/MP, and cures all status effects.
For this you will need Nights Of The Round with at least 3 levels. Phoenix summon with at least 3 levels. Shield with at least 2 levels. Final Attack with any level. About 3 mastered HP and MP pluses (you might need more). 3 Enemy Skills with White Wind learned (to learn White Wind, go to the grassy area of Junon untill you fight a big green creature with wings. Manipulate it and have it use White Wind on your party). You also need MP and HP absorb and the MIME command. Make sure you do NOT have the w-item, w-magic, and w-summon materias. Give everyone HP pluses untill it reaches 9,999 HP. Then do the same with the MP pluses until it reaches 999. Equip Cloud with the Ultima Weapon and give him the following materia. Combine the Nights Of The Round with the MP absorb. Give him Phoenix with Final Attack. Give him mime with HP absorb. Make sure that you only eqip these matiera on the Ultima Weapon if their mastered. Give him shield and enemy skill. Give your other party members the other enemy skills. Make sure Cloud has an accesory that will protect him from Frog and Small. Before you fight Ruby, get into a battle and have Cloud kill your other party members. Now go after Ruby. Start off by using shield on Cloud. Do NOT have Cloud bring the rest back to life. Now have Cloud use Knights of the Round and just keep miming it until the Ruby Weapon kills you. When you come back to life, repeat the process until you've won. NOTE: No matter what, do not use any limit breaks or regular attacks on Ruby. If Cloud becomes a toad, use white wind to heal him.
If your having difficulty beating Emerald Weapon and you can't get the Knights of the Round consider using this method.First equip three gravity materia, one to each character, second if possible equip a mime materia to each character. Next to one character, equip both the W-Magic materia and quadra magic materia joined to the characters gravity materia. Join an all materia to the other characters materia. Okay. Now when you go into battle all you do is use any level of demi on the Emerald weapon and it automatically does 9999 HP of damage to with every hit but at the end his HP will lower and a couple of hits with a moderately powerful summon spell and he's done for. Voila!
To cast three magic spells in one round, first equip someone with a Magic Materia + "All" Support Materia. You'll also need Barrier Materia with the Reflect spell learned. When you enter battle, cast Reflect on the entire party, (your party). Then cast the magic spell that was connected to the "All" Materia on YOUR party. Even though you cast the spell once, it will be reflected and returned to the enemy hitting for three times! And for the same price of the usual MP's. What's even better is that if you have W-Magic, you can cast that spell twice, or two different spells (both need to be connected to "All" Materia) hitting for six times!!!
To get to the before disc 3, simply ride up the hill with a black, gold or green chocobo.
Did you miss something important? Fear not. Once you get to disc 3 you can recover anything by excavating for it in the Bone Village.
The saved game picture changes depending on what slot your game is saved in. Here's the complete list: FILE 1 : CLOUD FILE 2 : BARRET FILE 3 : AERIS FILE 4 : CAIT SITH FILE 5 : RED XIII FILE 6 : CID FILE 7 : TIFA FILE 8 : VINCENT FILE 9 : YUFFIE FILE 10 : RUFUS FILE 11 : TSENG FILE 12 : PRISICILLA FILE 13 : RUDE FILE 14 : DAIN FILE 15 : SEPHIROTH
When in normal status use a "Hyper." This will let your limit meter go up faster, so you can use your old techniques more. The reason for this is that one way to get your limit breaks gained is to use your old techniques. WARNING: When you use the "Hyper," your status changes to "Fury," which will lessen your hit rate. Another way to gain your limit breaks is to defeat large groups of enemies. Try this: When leaving the Nibel Mountains and heading for Rocket Town, you should see a group of forests when you leave the mountains. Try engaging combat there, because sometimes you fight large groups of enemies there. Such as a group of six "Battery Caps," or sometimes five "Battery Caps" and one "Valron." This might help in getting your limit techniques also.
If you have the W-Item Materia, equip it and enter battle. Use the W-Item command and select your first item you want to use with the Circle button. Then choose your second item but do not use it. Select it so that cursors appear on the screen (either on you allies or your enemies) then cancel with the X button. Select again and make the cursor appear then cancel. Repeat the selecting and canceling of the second item over and over. Each time you do this the quantity of the first item will increase by 1.

Debug Mode

*Note: This code requires a GameShark. This code is by far the coolest thing you will ever see. First enter the code "8009A05C 0041" into your GameShark. Start-up FF7 with the first disk. Choose "New Game". Instead of the normal opening CG movie you will appear in a room filled with Japanese symbols. IMPORTANT! Turn off your Gameshark after you are in the room. Walking onto these symbols will transport you to other rooms where you can go to any point in the game, watch the CG movies, and gain a complete set of Materia among other things. You can also talk to the man in the bottom left corner to adjust other settings.
After Cloud rejoins your party in the second disk, visit the Shinra Mansions Basement again in Nimbelheim entering the library. Cloud will suddenly flash back to a special cinematic scene of how you will find out how cloud ended up with his friend Zack's sword.
Ride the Golden Chocobo to the North-Eastern part of the map. There you'll find a hidden island with a cave. Enter the cave and talk to the red light to receive the "Nights of the Round Table" spell.


Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select + Start to reset the game.
When you get to the Boss inside the caves at Cosmo Canyon to beat him all you do is use a Phoenix Down on him to kill him instantly. Sometimes that misses so you might want to use other healing items like X-Potion, High Potion or Potion.
At The Gold Saucer If you are tired of Aeris and Tifa fighting over Cloud, then try this. To date Yuffie, be as mean as possible to everyone, except Yuffie of course, and don't let Aeris or Tifa into your party. If you have to use them, then run away from all enemies. Aeris and Tifa don't like a chicken-wuss Cloud. At the Sector 5 reactor, say "I can't hold on much longer" That will dissapoint Tifa. When you first meet Aeris, say "You were the slum drunk". That will lose you major points with Aeris. When you get to the Wall Market, say you'll take Aeris home. At the Wall Market get all the best items so Corneo will pick Cloud. Say all the stuff that will lead to Cloud 'almost' kissing him. When in Cloud's flashback in Kalm, go into Tifa's room, and sneak around in her dressers. You should recieve an item "Orthopedic Underwear" this will greatly embarrass Tifa, and you'll lose major points with her. Get Yuffie as soon as possible. Keep her in your party at all times, and keep her healthy. On the boat when you fight Jenova birth, keep Yuffie out of it, because she doesn't want to go. Whenever you have a choice to talk to your party always talk to Yuffie first and Aeris and Tifa last. Do the Materia sub-quest and always trust Yuffie. And don't go in the pagoda because that will make her mad. And on your way to North Corel have Aeris or Tifa in your party alond with Yuffie and take the ten phoenix downs from the bird's nest. This will make Aeris/Tifa mad at you but make Yuffie happy because you place treasure over birds. Then when you get to the date at the Gold Saucer, it should be Yuffie!
Go to the Golden Saucer (preferably later in the game) and go to the battle arena. Gain 32,000 battle points (I know, easier said than done). First you need to get A LOT of GP from the Wonder Square and the Chocobo Races, then, when inside the battle arena, you must not leave (When you leave the battle arena, all your battle points dissapear). Equip Cloud with all the best materia and equipment. Talk to the woman at the desk. Say you want to use Cloud. You will go inside the battle arena and start the battles. There are 8. Once you defeat all of them, you will exit with a certain amount of battle points (and a "tissue"... completly useless). Go to the computer at the lower left of the screen when you have 32,000 battle points. Scroll down until you get omnislash. That is Clouds level 4 limit break. If you don't want to go through all of this, just wait until you fight the very last Sephiroth, Cloud will automaticly be able to use Omnislash on Sephiroth
Go to Gold Saucer. Earn Omnislash (Cloud's level 4 limit break: 32,000 battle points) and W-Summon(65,000 battle points) in the battle arena. Then the lady at the front desk will ask you if you want to do a special battle arena. If you complete this you will get the great materia Final Attack (when a character dies, if they have final attack hooked with the Phoenix summon materia which damages the enemy and casts life 2 on all allies, just before they die, they will cast the Phoenix Summon and not only revive themselves, but anyone else who is dead. Very good agaist Emerald and Ruby weapons).
During the second or third CD, go to Nebleheim (Cloud and Tifa's hometown) with Tifa in your party. Go into Tifa's house and go upstairs into her room. Examine her piano to the right of the seat. Say "play the piano" and that you remember. Play these commands on the piano: Cancel, Switch, Menu, Pgup+Menu, Pgup+Switch, Cancel, Switch, Menu, Pgup+Cancel, OK, Cancel, Switch, Cancel. Tifa and the other party member will jump out, you look in Tifa's music sheets to find a note from her teacher. You read the note and recieve Tifa's level 4 limit break manual "Final Heaven."
On the way to Coral, go to the switch that you push to let the others go through. If you explore around that area, you should hear birds chirping. Go up the hill where you hear it (you might have to search to find the right spot) and pick the first choice you are given. After collecting the 10 Phoenix Downs, go back down to the lower tracks and follow your partners. As they turn to the right, you need to take the left split because buried in the hill under the tracks is a cave with an out-of-work miner. A Power Source, Mind Source, and Tent may be acquired within this hidden area. *Note: Your score will be lowered if you do this. It's not nice to disturb baby birds.
Using Windows Explorer (or some other file manager), find FF7/MOVIES sub-directory and click on the files.

Easy Money

Go to the desert outside of the golden saucer and walk around for a while. Sooner or later a little cactus man will appear. You can't beat him with magic or weapons, but he can be defeated by summoning Chocobos or Mogs. If you manage to kill him he's worth 10,000 gil!
For this cheat you need 3 items, the Morph materia, the Sneak Attack materia and the Conformer. Equip Yuffie with the Conformer, the sneak attack and the morph materia (make sure the sneak attack and morph are linked). Go to Gongaga (the meltdowned reactor) and fight heavy tanks. Yuffie will morph them for about 3000 damage, thus getting you a power source. Repeat this until you have 99 power sources.
Have 9999 Gb At Gold Saucer: 8009D7DCC350


Go to the Chocobo Ranch and talk to a chocobo in the outside fence. Then you have a choice between "WARK" or "WARRK". Choose "WARK" ,they will dance, and then they will give you your CHOCO/MOG materia.
In the Shinra mansion at Nibbhiem, there is a safe on the top floor. The combination is: Right to 36, Left to 10, Right to 59 then Right to 97. Make sure you don't go to far left or to far right when turning. When it opens kill the monster, then get the stuff in the safe. Descent the spiral staircase and into the coffin room. Vincent is in one of the coffins. Talk to him and leave then come back and talk to him and he will join you.
Here's a way to get two very helpful accessories.

Curse Ring

While in Mideel (before it has been destroyed), go to the weapons shop and check the door in the back (the one that does not open.) Next, go to the shop on the hill with the man on the balcony. Walk behind him along the part of the balcony on the side of the shop until you here a rattling sound. Check the spot and you will get a key. Use the key on the door, and it will break off. The owner will ask what happened. Tell the truth and he will give you the curse ring. If you lie, he will not give it to you. It raises all of your stats, but puts the character on death sentance, but this can be countered with a Phoenix Down.


Final Fantasy VII ! 1). Getting Enemy Skill(have to have copy enemy skill materia) way to get the skill---can be learned when +:enemy attacks/using control command |:using control command -:enemy attacks 1. kael no uta: turns enemy to toad and make them sleep(+) name:tatchemi(he is a toad) place:forest in gongaga area(south of gold sauser) 2. level 4 jipoku: gives enemy great damage when its level is divisible by 4(-) name:muu(looks like a squirrel) place:grassland area(near the chocobo farm) 3. magic hammer: damages 100 magic point(+) name:ashigirisou(looks like grass) place:udai area(near japanese village) 4. holy wind: heals hit points and cures all stat change(|) name:zemzeletto(looks like huge white bat) place:zunon area(near the town with a big cannon) 5. mighty guard: casts wall and haste(|) name:bicheprag(retarded snail?) place:beach near costa del 6. tenshi no sasayaki: heals all hit points and sures all stat change(|) name:poransarita(girl) place:dakudonabu(last place before the ending) 7. dragon force: increase defence and magic defence(|) name:dark dragon(looks like a dragon ^_^ ) place:dakudonabu(last place before the ending) 8. death force: protect from all kinds of death spell(|) name:adamantaimai(turtle) place:beach near uda(japanese village) 9. kaenhosha: fire attack(+) name:arch dragon(its a big flying insect) place:mithril mine(cave-west of chocobo farm) 10. laser: cuts enemy's hit point to half(+) name:death claw(its a robot) place:corel prison(a town under the gold sauser) 11. matora magic: missile attack(-) name:super custum(its a robot) place:near midgal 12. kusaiiki: status attack(-) name:monbol(man eating plant-remember super mario?) place:gaia no sebbeki (the cliff and the cave in ice area) 13. beta: fire attack(-) name:midogalzu orumu(the giant snake) place:west of chochobo farm 14. aqua breath: water attack(-) name:jenova life *boss* place:the place where sephiroth kills aerith 15. train: lightning attack(-) name:materia keeper(looks like a crab maybe?) *boss* place:cave-mountain near nivellheim 16. magical breath: fire, ice, and lightning attack(+) name:stilva(looks same as materia keeper) place:zebbekinsaibu (the cliff and the cave in ice area) 17. ????:hmm i am not sure about this find it out for yourself(-) name:zajji (looks like a scale) place:shinrayashiki(the big house in nivellheim) 18. goblin punch:very powerful when the attacker and monster's level's last digit is the same(+) name:goblin place:goblin island 19. chocobocle:the damage increases as the number of time you ran away increases(-) name:chocobo place:you know where to find it 20. level 5 death:kills enemy if its level is divisible by 5(|) name:parasaido(err... can't say how it looks like) place:dakudonabu(last place before the ending) 21. shinosenkoi:can i say time bomb?(condemn in FF3) (+) name:sutelshisteppu(beast) place:kisokuno doukuchu(the dungeon where redVII's father died) 22. shino ruletto:death roulette(+) name:death dealer(the guy use to throw cards) place:dakudonabu(last place before the ending) 23. shadow flare:powerful attack(-) name:altima weapon place:random 24. nantoka???:powerful attack(-) name:undead dragon place:dakudonabu(last place before the ending) 2) way to get master materia 1. magic master materia: master all magic materias and choose 1st choice at the green materia 2. command master materia: master all command materias(steal, throw, critical attack, change to item, control, analyze, and copy) and choose 1st choice at the yellow materia 3. summom master masteria: master all summoom materia and choose 1st choice at the red materia 3) proven facts 1. there are just 4 huge materias 2. caitsith has just 2 limit attacks 4) way to get W materias 1. W-item:go down when you are in the tunnel in the "stop the mad science using the cannon!" event(last even on 2nd CD) 2. W-summon:get 640000 bps in gold sauser 3. W-magic:find it in the last dungeon 5) easy way go get status increasing potion go to sunken ship and equip yufi with her best weapon and "change to an item" materia. Then kill monsters with the change command. All monsters in the sunken ship give the potions when they are changed to items.
While racing the chocobos, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to increase your speed.

Huge Materia

To obtain the in Rocket Town, press Circle, Square, X, X as the passcode. There are four huge Materia that can reproduce other materias if you can pass the requirements. Blue - You must have Bahamut and Bahamut Neo. Take these to Cosmo Canyon and talk to the Blue and you will recieve Bahamut Eishiki (Zero). Yellow - Master the Steal, Throw, Mime, Manipulate, Morph, Deathblow and Sense Materias, then talk to the yellow huge Materia to recieve the Master Command materia. Red - Must have all 16 summoning materia at master level then talk to the red huge materia to recieve the Master Summoning materia. Green - Have all 21 magic materia at master level then talk to the green huge huge materia and you will recieve the Master Magic materia.
It isn't really all that hard. Make sure you have plenty of echo screens and you have your best weapons avialable. Don't attack when the chest plate is closed, just use summons or magic. Attackig will only result to deleting 0HP. Use this time to cure your party. When the chest plate is open you will be given a 5 second countdown. This is when you attack and use your most powerful magic or summons. when the countdown is finished, the weapon will attack with DIAMOND BLAST, which reduces your parties HP to yellow alert mode AND COURSES SILENCE. Try to kill it quickly, and if you have pheonix (which you definetly should have by now) you should use it when you only have one character left; which should almost certainly happen.

Easy Life

With this code, you can easily restore life while in battle without having to worry about anything happening. Enter a battle, and when your characters' health gets low, cast regenerate on him/her/them. Once the spell has been cast, open the Playstation lid and have someone cast a spell. FOR THIS TRICK TO WORK THE LID ON THE PLAYSTATION MUST BE OPEN BEFORE YOU CAST THE SECOND SPELL! With the lid open, the game won't be able to cast the spell, so the game will stop until you close the Playstation lid. Once the lid is closed, the game will function corectly and you can resume play. The trick to this code is that while the game is looking for the CD, the regenerate spell will still be working, so your life will fill up while nothing else happens! This code works great for some of the ultra tough bosses (Emerald and Diamond Weapon) because nothing else will happen while the lid is up.
To get to the URA battle (special battle) in the Battle Arena, first gain 64000 battle points and buy the W-Summon materia. Next get 32,000 battle points and buy Cloud's level 4 limit, Omnislash. Equip Omnislash and talk to the lady at the counter in the battle arena, and she will ask you if you want to participate in a special battle. Beat all 8 enemies and get the Final attack materia. *Note: You must have your Ultimate Weapon equiped to fight in the special battle.
The ingredients for this code are the W-item materia and 2 of the item you want to duplicate. (The item must be an item that you can use in battle) All you have to do is get in a battle. Preferably a weak enemy. Then have the person with W-item equipped go to item. Highlight the item you want to duplicate. Then, use the item. Use the same item but before you actually use it, press X. If you did it right, then you should have one more of the item. Just keep pressing O,X,O,X,O and just keep going with that until you get to 99. If you want to duplicate another item in the same battle then you just push X when you are done with the first item, then do the whole process over again.
When Aeris dies press X, X, X, R1, X, R1, and Circle and she will come back alive.
European and Australian (PAL) versions The codes may cause the game to freeze at certain sections. If this happens, disable the codes until that section is passed. Maximum time gauge: 8009D730 FFFF Stop countdown to bomb: 8009D134 0258 Unlimited gil: 8009D12E 000F Cloud has maximum limit battle gauge: 8009D730 FFFF Cloud has maximum time battle gauge: 8009D732 FFFF Cloud level at 99: 8009C604 6300 Cloud limit level at to 9: 8009C612 0009 Cloud maximum next level: 8009C624 3A00 Cloud maximum limit gauge: 8009C612 FF09 Cloud adds limit breaks: 8009C626 FFFF Unlimited Hi-Potion: 8009CAAE C201 Unlimited X Potion: 8009CAB0 C202 Unlimited Turbo Ether: 8009CAB4 C204 Unlimited Mega Elixir: 8009CAB8 C206 Infinte Magic Source: 8009CB3E C249 Unlimited Phoenix Down: 8009CABA C207 Force Stealer: 8009C620 0007 Ultimate Weapon: 8009C620 000F Power Soul: 8009C620 001C Maximum Ray: 8009C620 002E Gold Armlet: 8009C620 0600 Wizard Bracelet: 8009C620 0C00 Magic Shuriken: 8009C620 0061 Choco Bracelet: 8009C620 1F00 Protect Ring: 8009C622 001A Talisman: 8009C622 0003 Tetra Elemental: 8009C622 0016 Amulet: 8009C622 0005 Protect Vest: 8009C622 0001 1st Option: Attack: 8009D764 0001 2nd Option: Magic: 8009D76A 0002 3rd Option: Item: 8009D776 0004 Unlimited Guard Source: 800734B8 00d5 Unlimited Power Source: 8009CB3A C247 Unlimited Mind Source: 8009CB40 C24A Unlimited Speed Source: 8009CB42 C24B Unlimited Luck Source: 8009CB44 C24C Save anywhere: 8009D172 0000 8009D45A 01BA 8009D4AE 7300 Codes from The Game Shark Code Creator's Club. Japanese (NTSC) version Revive Aerith: 8009CBDE FF03 Turn off the GameShark before loading a saved game with this code. Empty the third slot of your party. Example: You are currently using Cloud as your first character, Tifa as your second character and Yuffie as your third character -- remove Yuffie. Turn on the GameShark. Note: This code is best used on Disc 3.
To get unlimited Sources (luck source, magic source, etc.) perform the following actions. Get in the submarine and go to the downed plane. Wander around until you get into a battle and use the morph command on the enemies. The best way to do this is attack the enemies until they are almost dead and then use morph. In this area there are six different enemies and each one morphs into one of the six sources.

Beta Spell

Have an Enemy Skill Materia, Fire, & the summons. Fight the Midgar-Zolom and keep your people at their max. You should be able to withstand his "BETA" attack. After the battle is over you should be able to cast the "E-SKILL" "BETA".
Go to the island west of the map (Wutai Area) and fight a monster that is yellow and looks like a beetle with a brown tail at the back.You will get an X-Potion for every single one of them you defeat.
Tifa: fourth limit break final heaven in tifas house press x squre triangle r1 triangle r1 squre x squre triangle r1 triangle circle x and triangle.
Find the three tombs located next to the white magic shop in Elfland. The tombstone farthest to the left reads: "Here lies Erdrick" "873-866" "R.I.P." This is a direct reference to a character in the game Dragon Warrior.

Fight Warmech

Walk up and down the pathway leading to Tiamat in the floating castle. Occasionaly you fight Warmech (very tough, he also knows Nuke). However he offers more Exp than anyone else!