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Top 5 PSP RPGs

The PSP has - despite what some people insist - a seriously impressive library of great titles, especially RPGs. In fact, you could argue that the ha Read More


Versus XIII's Story is Complete

In an interview with Dengeki magazine, Director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that the story has been completed, as well as character models and clothes. The game was announced back in 2006 and Square Enix has been pretty tight-lipped by only releasing a few trailers and screenshots throughout the past few years. Hit the cut to read on. Read More


Final Fantasy VII Meets Tales of the Abyss in This Battle of JRPG Cliches

Have you ever wondered what Final Fantasy VII would look like with an anime-style intro video and jrock theme song? Of course you have. Don't deny it. Well, apparently it would look a lot like Tales of the Abyss. One Nico Nico Douga user has animated the cast of Final Fantasy VII over the Tales of the Abyss intro, and it looks pretty cool. A bit more rough-around-the-edges than the Final Fantasy VI/Full Metal Alchemist video, but still pretty impressive. Highlights include Anise and her giant doll thing being replaced by Cait Sith and HIS giant doll thing, and the realization that Cloud is sometimes animated over Tear. Don't ask me why it mentions Tales of Vesperia at the end, because I have no idea. Read More


Square Enix: "No Plans for FFV & VI on DS, Japanese Voices in Dissidia or XIII"

IGN recently held a Q&A session with Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase and Takeshi Arakawa, one in which readers had the opportunity to ask the questions. And through it, we learn a few interesting things, plus that we are unlikely to see Dissidia on another platform, nor are there plans to release FF V and VI on the DS, though Kitase says that the ideas are "attractive" and "interesting," and so he may look into it. One of the more interesting questions is one that will likely affect everyone who plays Final Fantasy: voice language options. Where Dissidia is concerned, Kitase says that such a choice would take up more room than the UMD allows, so that's out. As for Final Fantasy XIII, he says "Obviously, when we talk about XIII it's for PS3 and Xbox – with PS3 being on Blu ray there would be enough memory, but on Xbox probably not. At the moment we're thinking of releasing the voice in English only. Are there many people who would like to play with Japanese voices?" I suppose if there are those of you who love Final Fantasy but loathe English voice acting (and after seeing some of FFX's, it would be hard to blame you), now is the time to make your voices heard. Read More


Final Fantasy IV

Kombo's Review Policy: Our reviews are written for you. Our goal is to write honest, to-the-point reviews that don't waste your... Read More