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Final Fantasy IV Cheats

Preventing Rubicante's Inferno

Unlock Nintendo DS

The Elemental Archfiend of Fire, Rubicante, has a powerful attack called Inferno, which will damage the party as well as heal himself. He only uses this attack when his cloak is open. While his cloak is open, use Steal with Edge. This will force Rubicante to close his cloak again instantly and prevent him from using his most potent attack.

View Credits

Unlock Nintendo DS

In the developer's room in the Dwarve's Castle, inspect the shelf behind the doll in the first room to view the credits.

New Game +

Unlock Nintendo DS

Complete the game once.

Whyt's Body Skins

Unlock Nintendo DS
Dragoon 9999 Score in Kain's minigame
Goblin outfit Clear the main story twice
Ninja 9999 Score in Edge's minigame
Paladin 9999 Score in Cecil's minigame
Summoner/Black Mage 9999 Score in Rydia's minigame
White Mage 9999 Score in Rosa's minigame
Zeromus outfit Complete your Bestiary 100%