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Propel yourself into explosive action, with Final Armada, as you take control of the Aggressor a power-ful and sophisticated transforming combat vehicle of mass destruction. Fight your way through swarms of enemies as you confront a powerful Alien race that has devastated the colony world Taro-469! Foil the Naz

Final Armada Cheats

Begin game play in an established game, then use the "In-game reset" feature to return to the main menu. Create a new name and race. Your new character will have the same experience as the last character after one Armada ship for each level is destroyed. Note: You will not have the Ultra Techs or credits from the previous character.
Once you reach level 48, you will have unlimited power pods.
The following are the coordinates to all 31 missions, in X,Y format.
The color you become when you get hit or shoot is brighter than usual. To stay this way temporarily, get hit or shoot, pause game play while bright, then select "Return Home". If done correctly, you will remain the brighter color until you either shoot or get shot. You can enter or exit any structures or planets and still retain the brightness.
Hold Start on controller C and press A, B, A, B, Up, Down on controller D at the title screen.
Press Start on controller two as immediately after your last ship explodes to continue game play. Then, have player two quit the game and player one will be able to continue.
When you finish escorting a ship to its destination, stay with it after you are paid. The ship and the others will destroy enemies for you, leaving credits behind. At times, you can receive 200 to 300 credits before returning home.

In-game reset

Press A + B + X + Y + Start during game play.
After dying the 3rd time (when you're about to get a game over) and right after your ship blows up, press Start on another controller and join in with a new character. Your first character will come back to life. Then just quit with the second character, and keep playing until you die again.


After level 16 you can buy a "super" Ultratech, called Shiva, at the Allied Starbase for 50,000 credits. This item gives you infinite energy and more shots fired. After level 32 you can but another "super" Ultratech, called Disrupter, at the Secret Base for 95,000 credits. This item kills Armada ships in one hit (I think). After level 44 (the last ship upgrade) you get unlimited power pods.

Change Races

While playing a game if you decide you would like to try out another race, but you don't quite feel like giving up your 20+ hours of work then just follow this little trick. Load up the game and as you are playing with your main char hit X, Y, A, B, Start to reset the system. Now start a new game with whatever name, and race you desire. Your new guy will have as many EXP as the previous one, but you have to kill one Armada ship for each level you had previously gained. The only down side is all the credits you previously had will be lost, and the ultra techs will be gone. But, if you do some trading with a friend beforehand you can keep the UltraTech as well.
Starbase Locations: -Allied: x:-78 y:99 -Terran: x:-3408 y:2400 -Nomad: x:2421 y:14343 -Eldred: x:13652 y:-5886 -Scarab: x:-128 y:-9822 -Drakken: x:12421 y:7476 -Vorgan: x:-12989 y:-5788 -Secret base: x:-17650 y:-16500 -Secret base: x:12340 y:14280 -Drakken Gas Mine: x:22460 y:6180 -Nomad secret base: x:-27250 y:30780 Planet Locations: -Desert Planet: x:-22998 y:-5327 -Life World: x:-9330 y:6260 -Ice Planet: x:-14721 y:-20311 -Dead Planet: x:8710 y:-18060 -Gas Planet: x:27421 y:3284 -Volcanic Planet: x:22421 y:24511 -Infested Planet: x:-31250 y:34280


-The controls are as follows: Analog Thumb Pad: Change ship direction Directional Button: Press UP or down to ascend or descend from planets you orbit A Button: Fire Main Weapon B Button: Special Power Pod Attack X Button: Scanner Y Button: Activate Shield Left Trigger: Warp Engine Right Trigger: Thrust Start Button: Pause or Exit from menu -Only the top 4 items in your inventory are equipped. -You are awarded a new ship every fourth level up to level 44. Even after the last bulk upgrade your stats (I wish I could see them) still go up when you gain a level. -The last mission is #31. Even after you beat it though you can still play forever, but their is no ending. -There is no way to contact the Armada, you can only frag them. -The "special" weapons, such as the Phoenix Missile, are fired randomly by your ship. -The large green dots on your radar are a chance to do a escort mission. Use your Scanner to talk to the large ship. By doing this you can earn up to 1000 credits. -Small green dots on your radar are ships that will become your wingman when you scan them. -The red dots are the Armada. The large ones are more harder to kill, but give more experience. White dots are your mission goals.


The best places to get money and experience are the different planets. These ships are harder to kill (because of their higher levels), but the money and experience are worth it. Hold down the Scanner when leaving a planet. This way you pick up anything you forgot to in the heat of battle. The Eldred are possibly the best for single player because of their experience boost, critical hit, and their ability to warp without using energy. The Vorgon are possibly the best for multi-player because their homing shots can steal the most kills and also help pick off the enemies that dodge. How to beat nearly any boss: If it is a boss located out in space, then be sure to have a wingman (small green dots). Fly in, use all your power pods, and then blast away at it. Try to get behind it because most can't fire out their rear. If you have the Pod Syphon it is a lot easier.
Quick Level Gain A9EB633D00000090 Infinite Power Pods 90F8385B00000003 Infinite Credits E9AF2A3800000090