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Defy your friends! Step into the most immersive total-body combat experience ever made and test your real fighting skills using the new Kinect for Xbox One! Kicks, punches, grabs, counters… you call the shots! Brawling with your friends will never feel the same!

Fighter Within Review

Have you ever seen a new game that looked terrible, but hoped it'd wind up being good anyway? After all, you definitely can't judge a book by its cover, and by the same token, you can't assume a game that looks bad will be bad. The Xbox 360's Kinect-only games were mostly bad, but not because the games themselves were inherently bad. The issue was with the Kinect itself. The Kinect 2 changes all that, right? If only... Fighter Within tries to justify its Kinect-only approach by allowing you to place yourself in the shoes of a fighter, where every punch and kick can be triggered on screen. It's designed to make you feel like there is indeed a fighter within you that's ready to be unleashed. The problems start right from the game's take on a story... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Fighter Within.