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Fight Night Champion Review

As Ernie Ford once sang, "...a poor man is made out of muscle and blood." Boxing is not an aristocrat’s sport, that’s for sure. Soaked in all manner of foul fluids, the boxer is a man’s man, beating the tar out of his opponents and glowing godlike in the spotlight. It’s not all guts and glory, of course. Real boxing involves two things most gamers avoid like... Read Review

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Fight Night Refusing to Spar with Kinect and Move

Fight Night Refusing to Spar with Kinect and Move

Much like how Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather refuse to step into the ring with one another, EA is refusing to include Move or Kinect support for the upcoming Fight Night Champion. The reason why? The company believes that motion control boxing would be too tiring for most gamers, seeing as how the average joystick jockey doesn't have the physical endurance of your typical prize fighter. More after the break. Read More

kombo Aug 3, 2010 | Comments