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FIFA MANAGER 10 - Feature



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  • Available on PC
  • For fans of Sports
  • Publisher(s): EA
  • Release Date(s): TBA
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Latest Articles


Sports Sunday: FIFA 11\'s Be a Goalkeeper Explained

Last week we revealed that FIFA 11 will feature a new gameplay mode, Be A Goalkeeper, that will allow players to, you guessed it, be goalkeepers. The addition of Be A Goalkeeper is a huge step forward for the series because it allows for complete 11 v. 11 matches online, but it also opens up the potential for some exceedingly frustrating gameplay if the goalkeeper on your team decides to quit, gives the team goals, or just plain gets tired of his position and imagines he’s a forward.  Hopefully, those experiences will be trumped by the great ones, which we’re certain will be plentiful. In order to explain just how playing as a goalkeeper will work, EA Sports sent us a tutorial video, which can be seen above.  Find out what we think about Be A Goalkeeper by hitting the break. You know you want to keep reading. Read More


Sports Sunday: FIFA 11 Adds Playable Goalkeepers

Gamescom this week in Cologne was full of announcements, reveals, and gaming news this past week, and the team at FIFAbrought their own big news as well: Team Play is getting a big update for FIFA 11. The popular team play mode, which allows 10 v. 10 play with every position covered by a person online, is going to become highly-authentic 11 v. 11 play with players now able to control goalies as well.  According to EA's press release, the game will also feature a new Be A Goalkeeper game mode that will allow players to take on the role of a goalkeeper in offline play in addition to online play.    But will players stick to their position? Or will frustration rule the day as keepers run up the pitch and give up on shots on goal?   Read More


Exclusive Interview: FIFA 11 Chief David Rutter

Kombo chatted with FIFA 11 producer David Rutter to find out all we could about the newest game in the incredibly popular football series. What new changes are coming? Why is Personality+ going to make the game better? Will Virtual Pro last more than 4 seasons. Find out all of this, and more, in our exclusive interview with the FIFA 11 Chief after the break. Read More


FIFA 11's Personality+ Will Affect Goalkeepers, Too

Our FIFA 11 blowout continues today with more information from the fact sheet EA Sports and EA Canada sent over on Friday. EA tantalizingly revealed a huge number of details on Personality+, and improved goalkeeper awareness (which we already had a preview of in 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. Personality+ will dictate how goalkeepers play, and one thing's guaranteed - they will be much less susceptible to the dreaded lob shot. Read More


FIFA 11's Career Modes Getting Serious Boost

The team at EA Sports released 5 new screenshots for FIFA 11 on Friday, and boy do they look sweet. They showcase Inter Milan, Chelsea, Arsenal, and FC Barcelona in high-detail, new-kit, glory. In addition, the team at EA Sports delivered a fact sheet with lots of great information about the games career modes, and frankly, some of it has this stick jockey downright excited. Read More



FIFA 10 brings a bunch of changes to the FIFA franchise. Can EA's FIFA series still hold its place as top dog over Konami's PES? Read More


EA Making "No Promises" About Fixing Game-Breaking FIFA 10 Glitch

Despite having the "fastest selling sports game ever" on its hands, it seems that Electronic Arts isn't too concerned about correcting a game-breaking glitch in FIFA 10. The bug appears in the game's Manager Mode, and can take effect when a player switches teams at the end of a season, leaving the player 2,000,000 (dollars, I assume) in debt, putting a quick stop to their run. Read More