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FIFA 13 is the 2012 release in Electronic Arts' long-running professional soccer game franchise. Based on the current real-life players, teams and leagues associated with the FIFA organization (Federation International de Football), the game aims to present the most realistic international soccer experience available in a video game to-date. Features include, gameplay mechanics improvements on both offense and defense, an extensive roster of players, teams and leagues, multiplayer play options both locally and online, and social network functionality through the EA Sports Football Club.

FIFA 13 Review

Standing at the midnight release of FIFA 13, oh and a little add-on for World of Warcraft that has to do with pandas, I couldn’t believe the number of gamers out to pick up EA’s newest edition to their soccer franchise. May I remind you this was in the central part of the United States where soccer hasn’t been a force until the past year or so. Nonetheless, it’s apparent that soccer is growing immensely, which presents a fantastic opportunity for EA and FIFA 13. With all the stars aligned for a successful title, does FIFA 13 become the landmark sports title for EA? Read on and you’ll undoubtedly find out. The FIFA franchise, throughout its lengthy tenure, has always found a way to introduce features that truly evolve the game. In the past five years... Read Review

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