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E3 2009 Media: Dissidia Final Fantasy Screens, Fact Sheet

E3 may be done, but that doesn't mean we stop bringing new content! Such as, Dissida Final Fantasy, which lets you bring together all your favorite Final Fantasy characters in one game (kinda like a greatest hits album for Final Fantasy). Hit the jump for all the details and new screens. Read More


Square Enix: Oh Yeah, We're Bringing Dissidia Final Fantasy to America After All

Square Enix has been taking their sweet time in announcing a North American release for some of its titles. So much so that it sometimes leaves one to wonder if the games are even coming here at all. But no, they're just playing things up to be fashionably late, such as the case with the new PSP title Dissidia Final Fantasy. Just released in Japan, let's just say I know of some people who seemingly got tired of waiting for any sort of hint at a US release, and went about getting it in "other" fashions. Read More