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Capcom@Comic Con: Ace Attorney Investigations Release Date, Fate/unlimited codes, and Monster Hunter

Some good news has arrived from Capcom at Comic Con today, especially for fans of everyone's favorite Perfect Prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth. His game, Ace Attorney Investigations, which had been previously announced for a U.S. release early next year, now has an official release date of February 16, 2010. However, those in attendance at SDCC will have the opportunity to play the game first. Elsewhere in their booth, PlayStation Portable owners can check out a playable version of the upcoming Fate/unlimited codes fighting game and download eight free quests for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. However, Capcom warns that only six quests will fit on a memory stick, so players hoping to experience it all should bring an extra stick or a PSP-toting friend with a copy of the game. "There's a little bit of something for everyone amongst the quests offered with 4 of the quests suited for beginners and the other 4 catering to more experienced players," they state in their press release. Read More


Capcom Releasing Fate/Unlimited Codes Digitally, "Still Supports UMD"

In light of the rumors that Sony is going to soon ditch the UMD format with its next iteration of the PlayStation Portable, it comes as little surprise that Capcom will be following their Patapon 2 cue by releasing a title of their own via the digital format. The game in question is Fate/Unlimited Codes, a 2D fighting game based on an arcade and PlayStation 2 title, which in itself is based on the manga series Fate/Stay Night. MCV ponders whether or not the game would have seen a retail release, and if not, then this could be a sign of publishers being more daring with their releases. However, in spite of this move, Capcom is insistent that they are not finished with the UMD format just yet. "We certainly do not intend to stop supporting UMD," a spokesperson said. "Certainly for us PSP is very important – more so with Monster Hunter coming – than maybe any other publisher." Read More


Street Fighter IV Coming to Japanese Consoles in February, Includes Anime Movie

We've been waiting for some time to find out when Street Fighter IV is going to finally hit consoles, and now we know... for Japan, at any rate. On the upside, the US release shouldn't be too far away from that, so hopefully it will give us a good indication of when to expect it.The CAPCOM game publisher has announced on Monday that the tentatively titled Street Fighter ~Aratanaru Kizuna~ (Street Fighter: Renewed Bonds) original animation DVD will ship with the initial Japanese orders of the Street Fighter IV game in February 2009. CAPCOM also screened more new footage from this anime and demoed the Tatsunoko vs. CAPCOM: Cross Generation of Heroes and Fate/unlimited codes games at the "CAPCOM Dai-Kakutō-Sai ~Ore Yori Tsuyoi Yatsu ni Ai ni Iku 2008~" event in Tokyo. -- Dengeki, via The Anime News NetworkThe anime is said to run from 50 to 60 minutes in length, and hopefully it will be included in the US version of the game as well. For a glimpse of it, check out the trailer here. Read More