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Become a farmer and experience the thrill of driving heavy modern farm equipment as you try and feed the world! Grow and harvest crops while utilizing a variety of vehicles and implements over the 900+ acre island in your quest for farming greatness. Start in a sparsely-equipped farmhouse with old equipment and set to work plowing, cultivating and seeding fields. With wise planning and hard work, the resulting harvest will provide you with the financial resources to better equip your property and increase your productivity! Eventually you can become the owner of a beautiful sprawling farm as you drive to expand your fleet of farm machinery, increase your efficiency, and diversify your crops. You can choose between seven beautifully detailed tractors, four combine harvesters and over 20 tools such as a plough, seeder, baler, self loading wagon, and more! For dedicated farmers, Farming Simulator allows you to download additional vehicles and equipment with automatic mod installation!

Farming Simulator Review

Platform: Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita Developer: Giants Software Rating: E MSRP: $29.99 Introduction ‘Farming Simulator 18’ is the latest installment to the ongoing FS series. Exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita handhelds, the game gives players 50 different tractors and vehicles from real world brands, which are perfect for all your farming endeavors. With the new addition of pigs and sunflowers to the mix, your cup runneth over with rural entertainment! A game like this seems perfect for an exclusive to handheld release, but it might just be for those who already have a grasp on the series. A very specific fanbase was definitely in mind during the conception of this sequel, but if you’re willing to take the time to learn the ropes, you... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Farming Simulator.