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In this thrill-filled live-action Marvel Comics adaptation, director Tim Story (BARBERSHOP) balances comedy, romantic intrigue, special effects, high action, and even scientific trivia for a rounded FANTASTIC FOUR. Here, Mister Fantastic (Ioan Gruffudd), Invisible Woman (Jessica Alba), The Human Torch (Chris Evans), and The Thing (Michael Chiklis) come together on a space mission that goes wrong. The ship&;apos;s owner (Julian McMahon)--who later transforms into evil Doctor Doom--refuses to abort the mission during a solar storm, which electrifies the ship and its entire crew, causing radical changes to their DNA. Back on earth, the transformed &;quot;heroes&;quot; adjust to their new powers, which are specific to their personalities. Mister Fantastic, who lacks assertion, has stretchy limbs of rubber. Invisible Woman, who loves Fantastic but thinks he can&;apos;t see her for who she really is, does a disappearing act. The Human Torch, an immature guy who is brimming with energy, can burst into flames. And finally, The Thing, a great friend who is as solid as a rock, actually turns into one--and loses his wife due to his weighty disposition. Holing up in Fantastic&;apos;s scientific lab where they run experiments on themselves in hopes of changing back to normal, the crew learns that Doctor Doom--who is so power hungry that he turns into metal and is able to conduct electrical currents--poses a serious threat. The heroes quickly master their abilities and channel their scientific smarts for one truly fantastic five-way face-off.

Fantastic Four Cheats

Enable the "Hell bonus level" code. When you start, Sue (and Ben if playing in co-op mode) will be in their Ultimate costumes. Note: When you get to the rest of the Fantastic Four at the end of the level, they are also in their Ultimate costumes. hank1809.

Hint: Change costumes

Unlock Playstation Portable
Complete any training level. When done, turn off the game then complete the training level again. Complete level one on the same file. Turn off the game immediately after completing level one. Your costumes will either be red or black, depending on the version of the game. thething.
Collect 25 Fantastic Four icons.
Collect 28 Fantastic Four icons.


Unlock Playstation Portable
Complete the indicated task or purchase the listed bonus from the upgrade menu by spending points to unlock the corresponding item.
Collect 2 Fantastic Four icons.
Collect 4 Fantastic Four icons.
Collect 7 Fantastic Four icons.
Collect 20 Fantastic Four icons.

Unlimited cosmic power

Unlock Playstation Portable
Press Up, B(3), Left, Right, X at the main menu. A sound will confirm correct code entry. eidivyn, p.

Hell bonus level

Unlock Playstation Portable
Quickly press Right(2), B, X, Left, Up, Down at the main menu. A sound will confirm correct code entry.
Quickly press B, X, B, Down(2), X, Up at the main menu. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Guard Granny stage arena

Unlock Playstation Portable
Collect 31 Fantastic Four icons.

Hidden Options

Unlock Playstation Portable
Highlight the Trainning mode option and then enter this code in. Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 Get access to the hidden options like invincibility and stage skip.

One Hundred Lives

Unlock Playstation Portable
Enter these codes in at the Title screen. Press Up(2), Down, Left, Right, Down

Extra Stage

Unlock Playstation Portable
Enable the Hidden options, activate the stage skip option, then enter this code in. Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 during gameplay