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In Maelstrom, players join one of two warring pirate bands battling for control of deep space. Initially, players dogfight around massive convoys of dreadnoughts in their own combat fighters. As security and defences are breached players embark upon a daring internal raid aboard the vessels. Once on board, players battle on the ground against the enemy troops. The object of each attack is to retrieve valuable booty - with each mission increasing in difficulty and ferocity and players notoriety increasing with each successful raid! As player

Falcone: Into The Maelstrom Cheats

Give You Invincibility

Unlock Playstation 2
CODE 2, offset 06DE change "66" to "60" CODE 2, offset 0752 change "66" to "60" CODE 2, offset 0B14 change "671E" to "4E71" CODE 2, offset 0B22 change "6610" to "4E71"

Change Initial Bonus Points

Unlock Playstation 2
Set Initial Bonus Points To Any Desired Value CODE 3, offset 1284 change "0000 0720" to "whatever numbers you wish"

Eliminates All Small Rocks

Unlock Playstation 2
CODE 2, offset 0CB0 change "4EBA 21DE" to "4E71 4E71" CODE 2, offset 0C98 change "3F3C 0003" to "3F3C 0000"

Select A Level

Unlock Playstation 2
Or Make The Game Faster 1. From the main screen (after it loads), type "L". 2. This brings up a level select. If you pick a level, your highscore will not be recorded. 3. Select Turbofunk mode to make the game play as quickly as the hardware you're using can support.

Hidden Poem

Unlock Playstation 2
From the main screen, type "X". This brings up a rather interesting poem.

Christmas Surprise

Unlock Playstation 2
If you play it at December, 25 (Christmas) or if you set your system's clock to that date, and play the game, Christmas tree balls appear on the title screen.

Make The Timer Count Upwards

Unlock Playstation 2
use a disk editor earch for "700A 91AD FCB2 4AAD" change to "700A D1AD FCB2 4AAD"