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Madden 09 and NBA 09 on Chopping Block for EA Sports' Online Cuts

A commonly-heard complaint about EA Sports titles such as Madden is that it is just the same game, repackaged year after year with a few stat tweaks and the like. And yet, the complaint continues, fans eat it up year after year, thus making the company plenty of money. However, one must wonder if perhaps these same fans who have padded EA's pockets year after year have begun to catch on, thus prompting the company to take action by shutting down the servers for a number of its "09" titles. Read More


Atari Talks Ready 2 Rumble Revolution

Ready 2 Rumble was a popular game for SEGA's Dreamcast, and is poised to make its return on the Wii. This time, however, it's flying Atari's banner, and it also has its hands full with the upcoming Punch-Out!! from Nintendo, not to mention having to follow EA's performance with Facebreaker, which didn't exactly light the fire in gamers. Read More


Bleep Bloop Does Boxing

CollegeHumor has a (relatively) new series title Bleep Bloop, wherein the hosts film themselves playing video games with various guests. In this particular instance, however, they record themselves playing boxing games Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! and Facebreaker alongside ESPN Magazine's Neil Janowitz and an actual boxer. It's fairly amusing, and you can find more here. See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. Read More



Kombo's Review Policy: Our reviews are written for you. Our goal is to write honest, to-the-point reviews that don't waste... Read More


EA Reveals FaceBreaker Soundtrack

With FaceBreaker due to hit store shelves this week, EA wants to make sure that you know about the artists they brought in to comprise the soundtrack.With its cast of over-the-top characters, Facebreaker looks and plays like no other game on the market today and the soundtrack was developed to match. With hot bands like From First To Last, Santogold, Fujiya & Miyagi, and The Go! Team, gamers will have the perfect music to pump them up as they step into the ring and knock out their opponents. -- Press ReleaseYou can download the soundtrack in its entirety (for a price) on EA Trax. The full listing is after the cut. Read More


Media: Facebreaker Character Auditions

EA Sports' Facebreaker will be arriving on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 5th, with the Wii's Facebreaker K.O. Party coming further down the line. To kill some time, EA's showing us the auditions for some of the roles they had up on offer for their cartoonish boxing title. More after the cut. Read More


FaceBreaker K.O. Party Will Lack Character Customization

One would have to admit that it's just a little bit ironic that the Wii, a system pretty well known for it's character customization features (Miis) would see such a feature removed from its own version of Facebreaker K.O. Party, one which is retained in the versions available for rival consoles. That was one of our Top 10 features on the Hit List from Day 1, especially since the PS3/360 versions of FaceBreaker have a rockin' character customization feature with Photo Game Face, but alas we had to drop it. I know..I know..I've read it on other boards. The Devs are lazy, and we're lame, and were …not smart. BUT… Really what it came down to was since we were building this thing from the ground up, something had to give. If we had bitten off more than we could chew it would've meant a drop in overall quality all across the board and that was something we were not prepared to do. For FaceBreaker K.O. Party 1, we set out to nail 2 things. #1 - Motion controls (Responsive, intuitive, satisfying) #2 - Multiplayer (2 Exculsive "Get off your couch and duke it out" game modes) Bottom line, if we didn't nail these 2 things…there won't be a FaceBreaker K.O. Party 2…and we depserately want to make a sequel. Especially since we had to cut my 2 favortie characters Also, my rug was stolen. -- Trey Smith, Lead Producer So, are motion controls enough to make up for the loss of character customization? Or are you going to go with another version and keep your ass on the couch while having Hitler and Paris Hilton beat each other senseless? Read More


FaceBreaker Demo Now Available on Xbox Live; PSN Worldwide on 8/14

Is football not your thing? Would you rather pound someone's face in, rather than tackle them to the dirt? If so, then good news, as EA apparently has us covered on both fronts today. "The FaceBreaker™ Demo is now available worldwide on Xbox LIVE™ and in North America on the PlayStation Network™. The demo will be available worldwide on the PlayStation Network™ on August 14th. The demo features characters Sparrow, Ice and Steve going at it in the fast-paced boxer, as well as the game's custom face generator called Photo Game Face. Photo Game Face will allow gamers to upload a cartoon likeness of themselves – or anyone else - to the FaceBreaker online boxer gallery at EA SPORTS World™. Created boxers will all be available for download when FaceBreaker ships to retailers on September 3. Players can use an XBOX LIVE Vision camera or a PLAYSTATION®Eye camera to upload themselves – or someone else - directly onto their consoles, or alternatively use a regular photo. Transform your created boxer with 60+ customization options to play with, a full color palette and a closet full of costumes." -- EA Press Release That's more like it. Facebreaker is due in stores on September 3rd for $49.99, with Facebreaker K.O. Party coming to the Wii this holiday season. Read More


EA Currently Developing 40 Games for Wii and DS

It goes without saying that Electronic Arts is currently one of the major powerhouses in the video game industry, developing and publishing a vast amount of games for any and every console that has come out. Recently, EA revealed that they currently have 40 titles in development for both the Wii and the DS. "Electronic Arts has announced that it has 40 titles in the works for both Wii and DS, the news emerging in the company's conference call that came off the back of its quarterly financial results. Trade website had a keen ear on the call, in which EA's CEO John Riccitiello also revealed that its recent Wii title Boom Blox enjoyed success, shifting some 450,000 units in the last quarter." -- IGN Whoa... 40 games? Overkill much? I can barely even begin to name some of those off the top of my head. Let's see... Facebreaker, Madden, Spore, SimCity Creator... yeesh. I guess EA's sure to have something for every gamer with a future catalog as big as 40 games, but one can only wonder how many of those are going to end up being quality titles. Read More


FaceBreaker Demos Coming Over Next Two Weeks

Good news for PlayStation 3 owners, better news for Xbox 360 owners, and... well, I guess it kind of sucks to be a Wii owner in this case: FaceBreaker demos are coming! the first two consoles, that is. EA Sports has let the cat out of the punching bag that next week, on Thursday, July 31st, a demo for FaceBreaker will be popping up on Xbox Live! And then, on August 7th, the bell rings on the PlayStation Network, a week after Xbox. No reason is given for the delay. We'll just say it's because the Xbox 360 launched first. It's total bull, but at least it's something. The demo will allow for character sharing, thus enabling players to create their own next-gen Von Kaisers and Glass Joes, which they can send to friends. And once the full game is released, the characters can be ported over. "Arcade boxing takes me back to my roots in this industry, and this game signals our shift to adding more approachable fun to our product lineup," commented EA Sports Chief Muckamuck Peter Moore upon the game's announcement. Read More


Nintendo Releases Second-Half Line-Up of Games

In an interesting twist (I guess, maybe they do this all the time, and I never noticed), Nintendo has released their US game line-up for the second half of 2008 and into 2009... to Europe. Some highlights included on the list are Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Call of Duty World at War, Guitar Hero World Tour, Skate It, Mushroom Men, two Star Wars games, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Mario Super Sluggers, Sonic Unleashed, Ghostbusters, and quite a bit more. Better still, Nintendo says that this is an "incomplete" list, meaning more titles could sneak their way into the lineup. Here's hoping more from the Big N themselves. For the full bill of goods (as it stands), both good and bad, click the jump. Read More