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“Fable Heroes” on Xbox LIVE Arcade is an action-packed hack-and-slash adventure set in the “Fable” universe, it is a fresh spin on the franchise, taking playful competition to the next level with four player co-op, time trials and leaderboards on Xbox LIVE. In “Fable Heroes” players work together to defeat enemies while also competing with each other to collect gold coins, which will level up their character and unlock unique items in “Fable: The Journey” when it launches later this year.

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Being skeptical of anything that bears the Fable name, you can imagine my weariness of going into Fable Heroes. It's not that I didn't enjoy previous Fable games, it's that I was one of the many that fell victim to the many promises of what each subsequent Fable game will be. That said, I went into Fable Heroes not knowing much about it, and I think it was all for the better, because I ultimately ended up having a great time with the game. Fable Heroes is a very lighthearted take on the Fable universe (if an even more lighthearted take on Fable could be possible) which stars the Fable puppets that resemble the characters from previous Fable games. You'll get to play as the Hero, Garth, Reaver and the like, with even more puppets to unlock as you play the... Read Review

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    Fable Heroes review

    Mike Splechta May 1, 2012