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F1 2012 Review

If we rewind to one year ago, scour the GameZone website pages, you would find me praising the underrated Formula 1 2011 title for the Xbox 360. The amount of work put into F1 2011 was noteworthy. The precision, the speed, the fun: it all came together to make one heck of a racing title. Now, one year later, Formula 1 2012 arrives on my doorstep and I wonder to myself, will it be as good as its predecessor? Will it continue the tradition of a good, solid racing game by perfecting the art of precision and rip-roaring speed? Snap on your safety belt and put on your fancy helmet and we’ll see if F1 2012 takes pole position or ends up in last place. At startup, F1 2012 looks just as delectable as last year’s title. The intro video before the menus sets the pace and gets... Read Review

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    F1 2012 review

    Heath Hooker Sep 28, 2012