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The sci-fi multiplayer-focused shooter pits a four-player crew of alien hunters against a separate player-controlled monster that grows larger and more powerful over the course of matches. Each hunter features its own unique items and abilities, and while the monster may be outnumbered, its size and an assortment of devastating attacks make it a more than formidable foe. Like Turtle Rock's previous titles, Evolve is being built with variety and replayabilty in mind; the result is a novel mix of cooperative and competitive multiplayer elements that's unlike anything we've played before.


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Evolve Image
Evolve delayed to February 2015

If you were gearing up to take four buddies along to take down a giant monster in a deadly environment later this year, you...

Evolve Image
Evolve: Four new hunters revealed

Four new hunters in Turtle Rock Studios' Evolve have been revealed, each offering a different spin on the already...

Evolve Image
Evolve's hunt begins in October

2K and developer Turtle Rock Studios have announced that the upcoming multiplayer shooter Evolve will be released worldwide...

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