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  • Release Date(s): Apr 14, 2010
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Vagrant Story Hitting Euro PSN on December 22nd

Square Enix confirmed today that Vagrant Story will be released on Playstation Network in Europe with next week's update. This leaves North America as the last major territory without the game. Square Enix confirmed in a press release that the PSX RPG will show up on December 22nd for €5.99 (£3.99). A few weeks back Sony Computer Entertainment Europe said that the game would soon see release in Europe but never confirmed when. The game was released on Playstation Network in Japan back in August. There has still been no mention from Sony or Square Enix on a North American release, although recently North America's PS1 game selection has remained mostly in-step with Europe's. The European price point would suggest a standard $5.99 price whenever the game does reach North America. Read More


Titus gets medieval!

Titus gets medieval! Barbarian makes its way to two new consoles this summer CHATSWORTH, California, April 29, 2002 In need of a little barbaric beha Read More


Virgin Games for $20

VIRGIN reinvents PC game publishing with a new innovative campaign! Chatsworth, CA. - October 24, 2001 - Ever feel like Well VIRGIN has just the thin Read More