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This particular present takes the form of Etrian Mystery Dungeon, a roguelike dungeon crawler exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS

Etrian Mystery Dungeon Review

"I played Mystery Dungeon games before," I told myself, "how different could this one possibly be from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon or Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon?" I was eating those words not only a half hour into the game. Holy sh*t is Etrian Mystery Dungeon hard! Yet, despite its crazy high difficulty, I kept persevering. Not just because I was obligated to, you know, in order to review the game, but because each time I made progress in the game, it gave me an immense sense of accomplishment. The comparison might be cringe worthy, but it's similar to Souls games where you're not sure what you're doing at first, but gradually learn the intricacies of the game's systems, and overcome increasingly difficult obstacles. And like Souls... Read Review

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  • Etrian Mystery Dungeon

    Etrian Mystery Dungeon Review

    Mike Splechta Apr 7, 2015