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ESPN NHL Hockey Cheats

Continue playoffs

Unlock Playstation 2
Select single elimination mode with both players as teammates. If you lose a playoff game, knock down as many opponents as possible at the end of the game. The losing team will continue onto the next round.

1991 playoffs

Unlock Playstation 2
Enter BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB as a password to play as the Chicago Blackhawks in the . Teams Password Stanley Cup Boston vs. Vancouver H5MNCCBX4L4H73Z7 Los Angeles vs. Buffalo G757ZSVP2WF8VWO2 Final of Best of Seven - Two Teammates (3-0) Kings vs. Bruins D444M8HZV86KZZMT North Stars vs. Bruins BLDWLRNF1XCVOPYH Canucks vs. Penguins G5GG16PHX7CFNBLW Final of Best of Seven - One Player (3-0) Kings vs. Penguins H2V6F3Y5Z4ZVHW98 Penguins vs. Blues BLHP7M21P76Y29JT Flames vs. Bruins BZDL33G58PG9PTTB Bruins vs. Flames BZD8RK355WFWHH8C Canadians vs. Blues C2BFCW4HSZYC9LD9