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"This game is based on a centuries old board game, where the player wins by getting their prisoners out of jail, before anyone else. The player starts of with 4 cell mates and aims to navigate them out of prison.Initially all the pieces are locked in prison. Prisoners are moved on the basis of score generated by throwing the dice. There is one dice, which is played by each player involved turn by turn. The dice can generate the score in the range of 1 to 6.The game brings the master tactician out of you

Escape From Alcatraz - MB Cheats

Type cokebusters at the briefing screen. The screen will flash to confirm correct code entry
Alcatraz tips These are basically the same throughout the game, so i`ll keep this bit brief. It`s important that you get some extra weapons as soon as possible to beef up your arsenal. If you are playing in two-player mode, try and get on either side of an enemy and knife him from both sides. This should kill him nice and quickly. The two most important weapons are the rifle and the grenades. The rifle is the best weapon for seeing off the guards, and the grenades take care of the men with flame-throwers quite nicely. Be on the look out for extra lives. You pick them up by hiding in the scenery, and if you find one you`ll hear a ping and a "1up" icon will float away. On the first section, there are two bonus lives quite near the end. This should give you a healthy stock of lives to get through the next few levels. My advise is to keep hiding in every nook and cranny as you go along, until you find the extra lives. There are some other tricky bits to look out for. The dog on the second scrolling section cannot be killed, even with grenades, so just hide in the scenery until he`s run past. Also be on the look out for the snipers in the background. Like the dog, they can`t be killed, so here`s what to do. Shuffle out into the line of fire, and just before he shoots at you, roll back into cover. Now quickly run past him. With practice, this should get you past him with no trouble at all. THE BARRACKS The first building you reach will be the barracks, and it leads into the first 3-d section. Your task here is to find some important documents which will prove miguel tardiez`s guilt and all-round fiendishness. The two most probable locations for the suitcase containing the documents are marked on the map with a red spot. Enter the room, and shoot the guard inside. If the documents are there you`ll see a little suitcase flash. leave the room and you`ll have the documents in your hands. Remember that the guards always patrol in a set pattern, and will tend to go round and round the same block. Keep your eye on the little map at the bottom of the screen to see where they go, and then lie in wait for them. this applies to all the 3-d bits, so get used to aiming and firing your gun before the guards spot and shoot you. The best tactics here are for one player to go and get the documents, while the other takes care of the guards. If you`re playing alone, then just go for the documents and try to avoid the guards. Once you`ve got the suitcase, head out of the exit and into the second scrolly bit. THE INDUSTRY BUILDING Ok, you`ve reached your second objective. This time you must find and destroy tardiez`s drug supply and his stocks of filthy drug money. Again, the rooms to head for are marked with a red dot. Be careful, as the guards will be patrolling those areas very heavily. If playing two players, then it`s obviously better if you handle one room each, whereas single players are going to have to be very cautious. To destroy the stocks, simply enter the room. There won`t be any guards inside. Now press and you`ll throw a bomb into the room. Pop outside again. A couple of seconds later you`ll hear a big boom, and your job is done. With both targets eliminated, head for the exit and get ready for some more scrolly stuff. THE CELLHOUSE To get this bit, you'll have to do a bit of climbing (the doorways are blocked). Simply stand in front of the building, push up and fire to start climbing up the side. Make sure you do it when there are no guards nearby or you will probably be killed while you stand about swinging your grappling hook. The actual climbing bit couldn't be easier. Just waggle the joystick to climb, but remember to avoid the searchlights. Once you reach the top, you`re in!! The actual cellhouse itself is the hardest 3-d section of all. Not surprising when you realize that this time your target is miguel tardiez. Expect loads of guards, and watch out for them sneaking up on you from behind! It`s best to split up for this bit as you`ve got a lot of rooms to search. You see, miguel is hiding in one of the cells. Unfortunately, there are oodles of them to look through and his location appears to be different in every game. The best way of finding him is to start at the bottom of a corridor, move forward one step, then turn left and enter the cell, go out, turn round, and go into the other cell, come out, move forward again, and so on. It`ll take a while so it`s safest if you kill all the patrolling guards before you start your search. When you find tardiez, he`ll be lurking behind the scenery somewhere, but you`ll know where he`s there because there`ll be a bodyguard in the cell. Waste the bodyguard and out comes miguel with his hands up. Leave the cell and he comes with you, in handcuffs. Go out of the exit and you`ll leave miguel tied up on the roof. Now you`ll have to absail down again. To do this, press fire to slip down the wall and fire to stop again. Don`t slip too far or you`ll die, and keep a look-out for the searchlight. THE FINAL PIECE You`re almost there now, with just the last mad dash to the helicopter to go. This scrolly bit is fairly short, but there is a rather fiendish explosive hidden in the scenery. If you`re not careful you could be killed, so try and make sure you`ve got enough lives left to compensate. Once you see the chopper, run to it and you`ll take off. All you have to do now is to stop off on the roof to pick Miguel up. He`ll probably have tried to escape so run after him and he`ll come hopping back. Leap back into the helicopter, and fly off into the sunset for your mission analysis. Easy!