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  • For fans of Platformer
  • Release Date(s): Sep 14, 2012
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Game Summary

Eryi's Action is a 2D platformer that attempts to punish players at every possible opportunity. Traps can appear out of nowhere, enemies have a tendency to surprise you even when they all look alike, and devious puzzles are placed at the most unexpected locations that you could find.

Eryi's Action Review

DEATH. Oftentimes, it comes after us with sweet vengeance in video games. Mario’s shock and drop, Megaman’s explosion burst, Link’s over-dramatic fall. These all would leave a lasting impression on you, except death decides it isn’t their time and always brings them back to life. The same can be said for Eryi in Eryi’s Action. She will die many, many more times than your average character. But will dying a lot lead you to a state of unfathomable rage or leave a lasting impression of overall satisfaction of Eryi and her unthinkable enemies? Let’s take a look. What can you say about Eryi? She is a cute plant/girl hybrid. The game begins with a letter at her house. It seems we are thrown into Eryi’s world as her hunger is on the rise and she... Read Review

Eryi's Action Cheats

There are currently no cheats available for Eryi's Action.