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Elite Beat Agents Cheats

Congratulations Picture

Unlock Nintendo DS

When you get the highest rank, there will be an extra congraulatory picture. It can also be viewed again in the gallery on the bottom right corner.

Unlock Modes

Unlock Nintendo DS
Hard ROCK! Mode Clear Sweatin'
Sweatin' Mode Clear Crusin'

Mr. X (Multiplayer Only)

Unlock Nintendo DS
Mr. X Unlock Hard ROCK! mode, but don't unlock Commander Kahn.


Unlock Nintendo DS
Credits Beat 'Jumpin Jack Flash' on 'Hard ROCK!'

Commander Kahn

Unlock Nintendo DS
Commander Kahn Finish every song in the game in every mode (Breesin, Crusin, Sweatin, Hard Rock!)

Bonus Episodes

Unlock Nintendo DS
Bonus Episode 1 - Cher - Believe Advance to 4th Rank - Captain of Soul
Bonus Episode 2 - Jackson 5 - ABC Advance to 6th Rank - King of the Beat
Bonus Episode 3 - Destiny's Child - Survivor Advance to 9th Rank - Legendary Agent