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Beat Sketcher Screenshot - 814541

Beat Sketcher Review

The push for the PlayStation Move continues into the holiday season with yet another downloadable game via PlayStation Network. Beat Sketcher attempt Read More


THQ Takes a Trip to Beat City

The rhythm gaming market on the DS has provided some of the most critically-acclaimed games on the handheld, including Elite Beat Agents and Rhythm Heaven. Now, THQ is looking to get some of Nintendo's stake, by creating their own rhythm title, Beat City. Developed by Universomo, Beat City is a game set in the titular world, where an evil corporation is destroying music. The player must slide and tap their way to victory on the Nintendo DS touch screen, keeping the beat and bringing life back to the town. You may notice that, yeah, the game pretty much is Rhythm Heaven. No word yet on a release date, but expect it by the end of the year. Read More


Random Video of the Day: Mega64 are Elite Beat Agents

Mega64 has created a lot of wild, crazy, and off-the-wall skits over the years. Some have worked, and others... not so much. However, this one may just be their greatest one to date... well, if you don't count their Nintendo bit where they run into Shigeru Miyamoto. And if you're interested in the song that was playing throughout, you can download it from their webpage. Read More


EA Dishes on Nerf N-Strike for Wii and Making an E-rated FPS

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I hate it when MTV gets anything in video format. The above video might be awesome, but I won't know. Feel free to rub it in my face in the comments. That said, they also have a nice, lengthy accompanying interview that they apparently don't mind if I read. A few excerpts are after the cut. Read More


Sonic Chronicles Producer Says Team 'Ready to Work on Sequel'

It seems that Bioware is confident in their abilities, as they're already considering what to do in a sequel to Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, aka "the Sonic game coming out this year that might not suck." During a recent interview, they alluded to what their current train of thought is on the subject, and how you may be able to find out more, once the game is in stores:"I would be surprised to see Sega refusing a sequel opportunity if the game is indeed successful! In any case, our team is definitively ready to work on a sequel. We even have a precise idea on what to do next if this were to happen… And if you play the game, you might find some hints on what that idea is." -- Producer Dorian Kieken to PALGNI'm hoping it's good, and does well enough for a sequel. I've already heard reassurance that "it's like the Sonic answer to Paper Mario," and that was "meant in a good way." Dorian also notes some inspiration taken from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Elite Beat Agents, so at least they're drawing from top picks. Read More


Zubo - NDS - Preview

E3 2008 Preview - Hands On Zubo is a quirky adventure game from EAs Bright Light studios in the UK. Billed as a Zubo has you teaming up with 55 inter Read More


E3 2008: First Lips Details

Microsoft debuted the first official confirmation and footage of Lips during their conference this morning. To help reveal the first official information on this new singing style game for the 360 was Keiichi Yanno from iNiS, legendary developer of Elite Beat Agents. Lips will allow players to use music from their Zunes or iPods. Along with the option to use your own music, the microphone will also be motion sensitive. This will you to bang the microphone like a tambourine. Let's hope it can have other functions as well. Stay tuned for more on Lips. Read More


Lips Officially Official

The Great Rumor Spill of '08 affected many gamers, but no one really knew what to believe. Well, today, we can confirm at least a portion of the delicious scuttlebutt. Gamekyo got their hands on the first screens of Lips in action, though not in-game. More importantly, iNiS, developer of Elite Beat Agents, has now been confirmed as Lips' developer, which inspires a great deal of confidence in the title. And don't worry; there isn't even a burly, suit-clad cheerleader behind me or anything. The game is scheduled to hit stores this November, and will come with wireless microphones that react to players' slammin' moves as well as their dulcet tones. With any luck, Microsoft will really blow the lid off of Lips at E3. We'll be there, waiting expectantly for a chance to use the phrase "dry and cracked." Read More


Rumor: EBA Developers Working on Lips

Following yesterday's rumor/leak about what Lips is, another piece of might-be-true info has surfaced. Word is that the title, being published by Microsoft Game Studios, is being developed by iNis, who may be best known for their toe-tapping efforts on the Nintendo DS in Elite Beat Agents and its overseas counterpart, Ouendan. According to co-founder Keiichi Yano, the company has been working on an unnamed Xbox 360 game for some time now. You can pretty much see where this train of thought goes. Read More


Rock Band Does Japan

I'll be honest, I very nearly passed right over this story... but then, it occured to me, there are those who not only enjoy things from Japanese culture, but also those who will import a game we already have here, simply for the different content. Among other reasons. Anyway, MTV Games has announced that Rock Band is heading to Japan, thanks to leading Japanese music game designer Q Entertainment. Alongside MTV Games, the two studios will work together to develop the title, making it the first US-originating rock music game to be heavily localized for the market of Japan. It will be interesting to see not only how well Rock Band does in the land which brought us Dance Dance Revolution and Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan, but also what sort of demand some US fans may have for the Japanese version, and vice-versa. At this time, however, there is no mention on which platforms will or will not have the game when it launches in Japan. Read More


New Info on Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Sounds like NGamer has sprung a leak, as the latest issue (available Wednesday) is to feature some new info on Sonic's new DS RPG quest, which has met with more varying degrees of "will it work?" questioning than any other RPG since Mario first broke into the genre. As revealed before by Nintendo Power, stylus-control plays a heavy part in how the game is played, and NGamer reveals more insight as it describes not only controlling the characters, but also using it to select context sensitive level "furniture" for the characters to use. In addition, classic Sonic staples such as springboards, loop-the-loops, and platforms can also be manipulated and traversed by use of the touchscreen, with Sonic acting accordingly to what the situation and obstacles demand. Read More