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Nintendo Channel DS Demos: Get 'em Before They're Gone

Nintendo Channel DS Demos: Get 'em Before They're Gone

I hope you all got to try the Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword demo on the Nintendo Channel. Because I sure didn't. A rather... abrupt discovery was made today in that the DS demos-- some of them, anyway, such as the above-- evidently will be removed from the service. And quickly at that, if NGDS is any indication. At least we shouldn't be left wanting for variety and change. Fare such as Brain Age remain, but there is a new set of demos available as of today, including Iron Man, The Spiderwick Chronicles, My Word Coach, Eco-Creatures: Save the Forest, and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Normally, I'd consider the addition of Apollo Justice a plus, but I was going to get that sooner or later, anyway. Eco-creatures, the wife got a review copy, so that's useless to me. Iron Man for DS ranked the highest of the movie-based games on Game Rankings at 60%, so at least that may be decent. Let this be a lesson learned from my mistake: He who hesitates is lost. Read More

kombo May 12, 2008 | Comments