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echochrome ii introduces a unique twist on gameplay that lets players use pure imagination to solve puzzles by controlling light and shadows. A follow-up to the original PlayStation Network hit, echochrome ii introduces the PlayStation Eye camera and PlayStation Move motion controller to the series, offering a brand new experience to fans of the action/puzzle genre.

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echochrome challenged players by making them look at their challenges from a different perspective, twisting and turning levels to complete pathways from visual paradoxes for a small guy to pass through. The followup is similar, but instead of manipulating perspectives, you control the light to form shadows to help our little protagonist reach his goal.echochrome ii fully utilizes the Playstation Move controller, which means no sequel for players who haven’t opted to get one yet. The controller acts as a flashlight, letting you illuminate any part of the level, and in turn manipulate and shape the shadows. Each level is made up of 3D squares, rectangles, and stairs that don’t seem like they would correlate at all. That is, not until you shine your flashlight from the right angle to make... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for echochrome ii.