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A terrible storm has swept the family of Ecco the Dolphin from their watery home. Now, Ecco must search for them through a vast underwater world. Danger and adventure awaits you in Ecco the Dolphin. Use Ecco's sonar to discover hidden caverns and unlock the secrets of the crystal glyphs. Take on schools of ravenous sharks. Discover the mysteries of the deep, save your dolphin family, and protect the world from the Vortex. The fate of the whole world rests on your fins.

Ecco the Dolphin Cheats

Pause game play and press A(5).

Cheat mode

Turn Ecco to the left or right. Pause game play when Ecco is facing the screen. Press Right, B, C, B, C, Down, C, Up. A cheat menu with stage number, sound select, music tempo, message number, unlimited life, teleporter coordinate options will appear.
Enter NIHPLODS as a password.


Hold A + Start when the name of the level appears. Release the buttons and press Start when the level is ready for game play.


You can call up an options menu at any time during a game. Move Ecco left and right, and pause the game while Ecco is facing you. Next, press Right, B, C, B, C, Down, C, Up. A menu called "The Dolphin" will appear, offering you several options including level select, sound test, and invincibility.


Swim to victory with these codes. Undercaves GMRIQDCM The Vents IUEINLDP The Lagoon GRTJZYJF Ridge Water OVDJDSLB Open Ocean GMYMDSLI Ice Zone GMBRHSLU Hard Water UKZFHSLS Cold Water SYQJHSLZ Open Ocean 2 CCVFFSLM Island Zone ALZBESLS Deep Water IHPFDSLP Volcanic Reef ADLYESLT Ship Grave Sea INWUGSLU Wreck Trap WJHQGSLL Sea of Silence IZSXGSLF Deep Gate AKNBHSLI Marble Sea QSOMFSLQ The Library WBTXFSLV Deep City UNIQFSLN City of Forever WADUFSLB Jurassic Beach ONNBJPLY Pteranodon Pond WPVXIPLL Origin Beach AQZIJPLG Trilobite Circle GKGFJPLK Dark Water GZIUKPLR Deep Water 2 GAAGDPLP City of Forever YLQQZNLM The Tube MNEYELLB The Machine SKZNELLO The Last Fight KANZFLLX
on level 2 of ecco, when your fighting the great-white shark, you can play as a secret dolphin. all you have to do is swim around intell the shark faces you, pause the game and press a, b,a,c,down, up and b and you shauld be playing as the secret dolphin!


Power of Air: Gives you max air but runs down to normal.
Power of Sonar: Allows you to attack enemies with you sonar and break certain rocks.
Power of Vigour: Allows you to swim faster jump higher and push rocks.
Power of Stealth: You can access mirrors (one in the game) and enemies cannot see you.
Power of Endurance: Gives you max energy but returns to normal when you are attacked.
Power of Morphing: Only used twice in the game to turn yourself into a small fish.


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Cheat Menu

While playing, press Start to view the radar screen. Press Right, 1, 2, 1, 2, Down, 2, Up to reveal a hidden menu. This menu includes options for invincibility, unlimited continues and more!

All Vitalits

When at the title screen hold L1 + L2 + R2 + R2 and press: X, X, Circle, Circle, X, Circle, D-pad Up, D-pad Down, D-pad Down

Unlimited Air

When at the Title Screen hold L1 + L2 + R2 + R2 and press: Square, Square, Triangle, X, Circle
Enable Cheats 0E3C7DF21853E59E EE8ED896BCE19552 Enable All Levels DEB6604EBBA89A82 DEB6604ABCA99B92 All Vitalists-All Levels DE564676DBC8BAA2 DE564672DBC8BAA2 DE56467EDBC8BAA2 DE56467ADBC89BA2 DE564606DBC8BA84 DE564602BDC8BAA2 DE56460EDBC89C84 DE56460ABCC8BAA2 All Vitalists for levels: Aquamarine Bay FE564676BCA99BA2 Perils of Coral Reef FE564671BCA99BA2 Trial Without Error FE564670BCA99BA2 Four Ways of Mystery FE564673BCA99BA2 Passage From Genesis FE564672BCA99BA2 Pathways From Nowhere FE56467DBCA99BA2 Up and Down FE56467CBCA99BA2 Roaring Forces FE56467FBCA99BA2 Atlantis Lost FE56467EBCA99BA2 Shrine of Controversy FE564679BCA99BA2 Master of Forgotten Skills FE564678BCA99BA2 Process That Never Ends FE56467BBCA99BA2 Blades In Motion FE56467ABCA99BA2 Perpetual Fluidity FE564604BCA99BA2 Obscure Ways To Terminus FE564607BCA99BA2 Sleeping Forces of Doom FE564606BCA99B84 Anguish of Dearth FE564601BCA99BA2 Entrapment FE564600BCA99BA2 Caverns of Hope FE564603BCA99BA2 Lair of Evil FE564602BCA99BA2 Powers of Levitation FE56460DBCA99BA2 Hanging Waters FE56460CBCA99BA2 Ice and Fire FE56460FBCA99B84 Abyss of Inferno FE56460EBCA99B84 Mutaclone FE564609BCA99B84 Chance of Reckoning FE564614BCA99BA2 Hatchery FE564608BCA99BA2 Seeds of Poison FE56460BBCA99BA2 Transfiguration FE56460ABCA99BA2 Heart of the Foe FE564615BCA99BA2
When at the title screen hold L1 + L2 + R2 + R2 and press: X, D-pad Up, X, D-pad Down, X, Triangle
When at the title screen hold L1 + L2 + R2 + R2 and press: Triangle, X, X, D-pad Up, D-pad Up, D-pad Down

Level Select

Enter PLEASE__ as a password, where "__" represents one of the following two letter entries. Ice Zone EE Island Zone FF Pteranadon Pond GG City of Forever HH Under Caves II Deep City KK Last Fight OO Origin Beach QQ Marble Sea UU Open Ocean WW Ridge Water ZZ Level Normal password Unlimited air The Undercaves AAAAAAAA LEVELSCT The Vents AANNAANN The Lagoon NDRBRIKR SHARKFIN Ridge Water HYAUGFLV Open Ocean FNCQWBMT KHDBVRIS Ice Zone DWFFZBMV XRGQXRIX Hard Water ANANANAN MAGLXRLM Cold Water MCLFRQLW LNXHXRLB Jurassic Beach MDEBRCBO Pteranodon Pond JNXFRCBS Origin Beach AAAANNNN Island Zone NNNNAAAA DVJLURIC Deep Water EILQOQLC OEWSURLC The Marble Sea XAKUQQLS The Library FDGXQQLC Deep City AANNNNAA City of Forever DETSWCIY Trilobite Circle DETSWCIY Dark Water NNAANNAA Deep Water 2 EQAAKNLC City of Forever 2 ZBPIGPLD FIVEPODS The Tube KUVEKMLK The Machine NNNNNNNN ECCOFMLY The Last Fight KNLMLMLC

Killer Sonar

Enter a level password with unlimited air. Press A + B during game play to kill all enemies on sonar.