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Earthworm Jim HD - Feature

Earthworm Jim HD

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Latest Articles


Earthworm Jim HD Coming to European PSN This Week

The European PlayStation Blog confirmed today that Gameloft will finally release the PS3 version of Earthworm Jim HD this week. That is the only region for which a release date has been confirmed. The enhanced edition of the first 16-bit game will come to the European PlayStation Network on July 28th for €9.99/£7.99. That's about $13, but the Xbox Live Arcade version is 800 points which would equate to $10 when the game finally does come to North American PSN. Earthworm Jim HD features re-drawn 2D graphics, three new levels, and fifteen levels of four-player co-op. Read More


MDK Returns After Ten Years Of No Murder, Death Or Killing

Those gamers who have been following BioWare since the early days may well remember a little game by the name of MDK2. It was a bizarre action adventure featuring a man with a sniper rifle as a hat, a six-legged robot dog and a mad scientist as playable characters. Now, thanks to Interplay and Beamdog, it's back. Hit the jump for more. Read More


Earthworm Jim HD Gets 4-Player Co-op

Between an initial post on Joystiq starting the rumor, and then the same post updating to confirmation status, this Friday can't get any more groovy than it already is. Earthworm Jim HD will official see 4-player co-op. Talk about madness, this sounds nuts. The initial information came in the form of an achievement list. Twice on the list is the mention of multiplayer. Also on the list are some achievements that state that players must accomplish a difficult act without exiting the game. This is probably the most awesome way to recreate the old, never-saving console style a lot of us grew up with. Remember passwords? Ahhhhh passwords. Probably the only thing any gamer ever wrote in the "Notes" section of an instruction manual. Oh, right, co-op... Read More


The Latest Dirt on Earthworm Jim HD

It had been revealed previously that Earthworm Jim would make his triumphant return to video games in the arenas of Xbox LIVE Arcade, the PlayStation Network, and WiiWare with a remake of the original game. But what has yet to be revealed are any further details about what this new game will entail. That is, until now. Read More


Consoles Costing Everyone Dearly-- Except Nintendo

Dave Perry, industry veteran known best for his work at Shiny Entertainment (on such games as Enter the Matrix and Earthworm Jim), gave a keynote at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, where he discussed the industry and the amount of money lost by console manufacturers, thanks to statistics from DFC Research.Of course, videogame manufacturers typically follow the Gillette razor blade model and sell their hardware at a loss (at least for the first few years) only to recoup the costs on software. (Nintendo's Wii is an exception -- it's estimated that even out of the gate Nintendo has already been making $40 per console). But Sony's PS2, the best selling videogame console of all time, was making a healthy profit on each unit sold as of a few years ago. Seemingly all of that went to fund the PS3 hardware that Sony has been selling -- and for the foreseeable future will continue to sell -- at a loss. (Some estimates at one point put it at $260 per console, though manufacturing costs have steadily come down in the past year). Perry didn't use this point to take any particular stance on this console race -- though he did state that DFC Intelligence puts the Wii as the victor this generation, with the PS3 coming in first in terms of overall software sales -- but he did want to point out the extreme investment Sony is making in its hardware this generation. He (and DFC) predict Sony will extend this generation even longer than the PS2's because of this (making Sony's claims of 10-year life cycle a real possibility). Of course, the Xbox 360, especially considering its $1 billion in replacement costs for faulty hardware, has likely cost Microsoft just as much, if not more. But Microsoft's entire foray into the videogame business has been a costly multi-billion dollar investment (Microsoft lost $4 billion on its original Xbox alone), whereas Sony's games division has only recently been forced to spend so heavily to hold on to its status in the games market (and to force the adoption of an HD media standard). -- 1up.comIt is not a phenomenon unique to this generation, however; Microsoft sank $4 billion into the original Xbox, while Sony's superstar PlayStation 2 cost the company quite a bit of money in its first few years. But with Sony playing for a ten-year lifecycle, they may yet break even when all is said and done. That is, until the bills come in for the PlayStation 4. Read More