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Earthworm Jim - Feature

Earthworm Jim

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The Undergarden Review

Atari's been describing their own The Undergarden as a "palate cleanser" to be played in between more traditional titles, and that doesn't strike me as a very positive way to portray your own game. Even if you accept that unfortunate label, it's hard not to admit that there are other games that do it better. The Undergarden, out now on PC, PSN and XBLA, can be described as equally both gorgeous and misleading. Its technicolor aesthetic and unsettlingly cute characters will evoke thoughts of Flower, Little Big Planet, and even visually opposite but equally arresting titles like Limbo and The Misadventures of P. B. Winterbottom. These comparisons are obvious, but inept, because The Undergarden is simply not on the same level as many of those games. Hit the jump to find out why. Read More


The Aging of the NES Generation

Video games have been around as we know them for close to four decades. In that period of time, we have watched the world of games transform more quickly than any other medium that has preceded it. We went from arcades to the home, 2D to 3D, buttons to touch screen, and tactile to motion control. Game design has rapidly evolved from simply shooting pixelated objects for the high score to puzzle solving and emotionally charged decision making, but one thing that never seems to change is the appeal of nostalgia. Gaming is old enough now that we have several generations of people who have proudly used either a joystick, paddle, d-Pad, analog stick, or motion controller, and it seems that every one of them is determined to recapture their childhood memories in a bottle. And publishers, it seems, are more than willing to cash in. Read More


Earthworm Jim HD Coming to European PSN This Week

The European PlayStation Blog confirmed today that Gameloft will finally release the PS3 version of Earthworm Jim HD this week. That is the only region for which a release date has been confirmed. The enhanced edition of the first 16-bit game will come to the European PlayStation Network on July 28th for €9.99/£7.99. That's about $13, but the Xbox Live Arcade version is 800 points which would equate to $10 when the game finally does come to North American PSN. Earthworm Jim HD features re-drawn 2D graphics, three new levels, and fifteen levels of four-player co-op. Read More


MDK Returns After Ten Years Of No Murder, Death Or Killing

Those gamers who have been following BioWare since the early days may well remember a little game by the name of MDK2. It was a bizarre action adventure featuring a man with a sniper rifle as a hat, a six-legged robot dog and a mad scientist as playable characters. Now, thanks to Interplay and Beamdog, it's back. Hit the jump for more. Read More


Earthworm Jim HD Gets 4-Player Co-op

Between an initial post on Joystiq starting the rumor, and then the same post updating to confirmation status, this Friday can't get any more groovy than it already is. Earthworm Jim HD will official see 4-player co-op. Talk about madness, this sounds nuts. The initial information came in the form of an achievement list. Twice on the list is the mention of multiplayer. Also on the list are some achievements that state that players must accomplish a difficult act without exiting the game. This is probably the most awesome way to recreate the old, never-saving console style a lot of us grew up with. Remember passwords? Ahhhhh passwords. Probably the only thing any gamer ever wrote in the "Notes" section of an instruction manual. Oh, right, co-op... Read More